CRM 2011 – NAV Connector Gotcha’s

I had to use the CRM/NAV connector this week.  I have to admit I have a heavy heart when ever I have to use the CRM/NAV Connector, it is never easy and amazingly frustrating.

The main problem I have with the connector is the complete lack of examples and documentation and when you start using it, it feels like the connector is a black hole.

Things go in and out but you are never really sure what is happening in the middle and usually why things are not working.

I had to Synchronise the Account entity and two custom entities.  The connectors tool for making custom entities available inside the connector mapping tool is very good.

When you get to the NAV side you have to change the integration table and the best instructions I have found on this is this fantastic blog post which steps through what you have to do.

I had one odd problem, even though I chose not to map contacts and removed all mention of contacts on mapping, if a contact was selected on the account primary contact, it would not sync the account.

even though I didn’t want to sync the contact, it still wouldn’t sync.

After mucking around for a few hours I found that you have to set the dynamics integration field on the contact, if you do this when the account will sync.

another NAV connector gotcha is if you are mapping new entities and non standard tables in NAV then you need to make sure you set the Intergration ID value

I had an entity called Project and on the mapping from CRM to NAV you have to set the Integration ID with the Project\ID

if you don’t set this it will map the change for the first time but then any changes will fail because it can’t link to the entity in CRM without the Integration ID being set

NAV/CRM Connector useful links and source of information

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I have over the past couple of weeks found some good resources of information for the connector and finding useful information is difficult because there isn’t much of it and a lot of the blogs/sites you will visit will be the same information and all they will tell you is what the connector does and the default entities which are mapped.

Hopefully more people can start blogging about the connector and creating more quality material for it to ease the frustrations you will find when using it.  One of the problems is what to call the connector, it seems to be references by loads of different names.

So rather than just complaining about it I am going to do my bit my sharing some of the useful links and hopefully write some blogs on the subject.

Microsoft Community documents – Integrating Microsoft Dynamics  NAV with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The official dynamic connector blog

A good blog post

the official installation guide download

Excellent blog with many posts and a good installation guide

If anyone has any other good links then please add them to the comments