CRM 2011 – Articles, documents and videos on setting up IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

A customer asked me to investigate what is involved in setting up IFD (Internet Facing Deployment) for CRM 2011 so I have looked on the internet for the best articles, videos and documents on the subject.

There are five main parts into configuring IFD

  1. Installing AD FS 2.0
  2. Configuring the AD FS 2.0 federation server
  3. Managing certificates
  4. Configuring Dynamics CRM 2011 for claims-based authentication and IFD
  5. Creating the relying party trust for CRM and configuring the claims rules on AD FS 2.0

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation guide has a document called – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Claims-based Authentication.doc, it is a very thorough document but the only downside is it doesn’t have any screen shots, which can make it difficult sometimes to follow the instructions. You can download the document here

Which is why This blog post is good because the walkthrough of setting up IFD, like all good walkthroughs it has good explanation with the important screen shots

I have a couple of links to two excellent videos going through setting IFD but I have also found some articles on the subject as well.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Claims-based Authentication

IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011