Friday fun – Email Blunders, Spelling Bee’s and Monkey business

I thought I would release a bit of joy this friday.

I was looking at my twitter stats today and I have 248 followers, I’m not sure what to do with them but they are there following away.

I had an amusing email today from someone complaining CRM in Dev wasn’t working, it wasn’t returning anything and it was only then I realised I had the remote debugger still locked on to CRM, holding everyone up.

lets start with the boys from xkcd

Exploits of a Mom

I’m sure everyone has sent an email to the wrong person

“The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson

This is an interesting blog entry.

Girl Aces ‘Cymotrichous’ to Win Spelling Bee

I have to admit I struggled to even say the word

Gorilla On A Mission – Banana Split Milkshake

Friday Fun – The Amazing adventures of Uncle Ben and the Egg!

I was inspired by reading one of my fellow CRM bloggers Jamie Miley, last week he put a non technical blog post on his blog (I know outrageous, what the hell do we pay him for!!).  On his blog he had a picture of his lovely daughter and a picture of a massive spider.

I thought he was right we should have a bit more Friday fun in the CRM world.  I am an Uncle and one of my jobs is to tell them stories about the amazing adventures I have had.  You can read more about it here, where you can see pictures and you can download the mp3 here

or you can listen to it on youtube