passed – CRM 4.0 Extending Microsoft Dynamics

I took the CRM 4 Extending Microsoft Dynamics certification and passed with a score of 84 percent.

I was mightily relieved to pass the exam.  During the exam I was quite nervous because I wasn’t sure what percentage you needed to pass the exam.

I always believed it was 75 percent, which out of  50 questions means I can get about 12 wrong.

In the exam I was in the situation where I had 15 questions I wasn’t sure about and I was sitting there staring at these questions trying to work out the answers.

It’s always a scary moment when you press the end button on a CRM exam because you get the result straight away.  Then it appeared 84 percent, relief and then joy.  2 months of studying pays off.

I learnt quite a lot studying for these exam, it was the area of CRM where I have not had much actual experience, so studying for these exam really help build up my knowledge and skills.

When the subject of certification comes up, people without them are always dismissive of them.  A month into studying for this certification I then got to work on modifying a custom workflow someone had created.

this turned out to be quite a hassle, I had to build the registration tool and make a few changes to the workflow.

The real problems came with registering the workflow and the other dlls it used.  Luckily I had been reading about this so I had a rough idea of what to do because I had been reading about it.

To describe someone  who has certification knowledge without much practical experience of that area is basically like someone travelling somewhere and having a map, they might now have been to the place before but they roughly know where they are going and then it’s not quite the same as it was described but it’s similar.

It’s also a relief that I don’t have to keep studying CRM 4 development features and can now just look at CRM 2011.  CRM 2011 is quite confusing as it is because things are hidden and work differently (or so it seems) without getting mixed up with CRM 4 at the same time.


Onwards and upwards.