Hosk top 10 articles of the week - 6th April

S. N. Behrman meant when he said “At the end of every road you meet yourself.”

I have been interested in Systems thinking and Coronavirus

Article of the week

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming

Larry Brilliant is a amazing and this article is great

Chesterton’s Fence: A Lesson in Second Order Thinking 
This is so relevant for developers and consultants who are often faced with the prospect of removing or replacing customisations

A core component of making great decisions is understanding the rationale behind previous decisions. If we don’t understand how we got “here,” we run the risk of making things much worse.

Hosk Recent articles

Top 10 articles

  1. Design thinking, Design doing
  2. Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System
  3. The Rise and Fall of Object Oriented Programming
  4. The Supersoaker Principle
  5. Second order thinking
  6. How to not get bored with life
  7. Double loop learning
  8. The economics of cruise ships
  9. Systems thinking in action
  10. The fallacy of requirements


  • Video — Masterclass with Chris Voss negotiator



  • “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” proverb
  • When the pressure is on you don’t rise to the occasion, you fall to your highest level of preparation — Chris Voss

Selected HoskWisdom

  • Don’t remove code until you understand what it does and why it was added #HoskWisdom
  • 50 percent of problems on IT projects are people, the other 80 percent are estimates and expectations #HoskWisdom
  • Small problems can turn into large problems if you ignore them #HoskWisdom
  • A good leader is a pricessless gift, a poor leader is a punishment #HoskWisdom
  • Sometimes the best thing to say, is nothing at all #HoskWisdom
  • Most Dynamics 365 developers are looking for an excuse to create a plugin #HoskWisdom
  • Don’t waste time making things perfect today, they will be replaced by something new tomorrow #HoskWisdom
  • No solution is right for every scenario #HoskWisdom
  • Between success and failure is trying, learning and improving #HoskWisdom

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Quote from current book(s)

The Rules of Contagion: Why Things Spread — and Why They Stop

The crucial change happens at the peak of the epidemic. At this point, there are so many immune people — and so few susceptible — that the epidemic cannot continue to grow. The epidemic will therefore turn over and start its decline. Adam Kucharski

The Hosk — last 5 good books

Don’t deny yourself a book, it could change your life #HoskWisdom

Last top 10 article

If you want more links, check out the link

Last top 10 article

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