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“New ideas emerge when you question the assumptions upon which a problem is based”   Shane Snow

if you can’t stand the heat of development, step away from the keyboard

When Hosk is the answer, your problems are much worse than you first thought

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  • At a high level all projects seem easy, it’s when you get into the details you find its infinitely more complex
  • Code you are proud of today, you will be ashamed of tomorrow.
  • When you see water flowing up hill, a developer has just written code with no bugs in
  • Many project managers are uncomfortable with doing nothing and letting people do thier jobs, they prefer to disrupt, question, prioritize, reorganise, confuse and slow down the project
  • Love is a simple line of code
  • You’re only as good as the code you create
  • Every decision should move you in the right direction
  • It’s better to know your enemy than be wondering where they are and who they are
  • If you think small, you act shall and you stay small
  • When Hosk is the answer, your problems are much worse than you first thought
  • Don’t fear the actions of others, fear your own impatience, mistakes and ego
  • Changing people on a project is a great way to create the illusion of progress
  • You control the decision, not the outcome
  • A persons past reveals their future
  • Learn today for a better tomorrow

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