Dynamics professionals salary survey 2018 and other stats

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The start of the year is a trigger for people to reflect on their career, goals and happiness in their current role.  The Nigel Frank Dynamics salary survey is a tool to help you understand if you’re paid the market average and other information about Dynamics professionals.

Companies employ many Dynamics professionals but the reality is you work for yourself because people rarely work for one company their whole career.   You should make sure you being paid the market value.

You can download it here Dynamics survey, I have highlighted some interesting facts below but it‘s worth reading the whole survey which contains details about

  • Average wages dependent on country and role in the Dynamics ecosystem
  • Workplace diversity
  • Benefits and retention
  • Microsoft certifications and experience
  • Job satisfaction
  • Top benefits of Microsoft Dynamics product
If you want to see trends over the last 4 years you can read previous posts on the salary survey


Money should not be the key driver for moving jobs but make sure you are being paid your worth.  Use the average wage statistics to assess if they underpay you, take into your yearly review, tell your manager you are not being paid the market rate and ask what can they do?

Knowing the average wage for your role and experience helps you negotiate in your current role or a new job.

Wages should be based  on the industry average not an increment of what  you were previously paid

Why do people move?

  • 57% lack of salary increase
  • 54% lack of career or promotion prospects
  • 49% Needing a new challenge
  • 36 Lack of leadership and vision

46% are considering moving in the next 12 months, 17% not sure.  This might be due to the increased head hunting by recruiters on LinkedIn.  People who are not looking for jobs might be tempted if jobs with higher salaries keep being sent to them.

Recruitment has changed, people are applying to job adverts less and being head hunted more.

This post will help you evaluate different job offers.

How to evaluate job offers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 roles

Money and moving roles

It’s common to say you shouldn’t move for money but why?  Money isn’t a motivator because after a few months the more money it will stop making you feel happy.  Getting paid more does‘nt  make you enjoy your job or the company culture more.

If you consider your own career, you will have progressed to a more senior role and get paid 2 or 3 times the wage you started on but are you 2 or 3 times happier now?

Those who move jobs for money, lose motivation once used to the new wage.  Money is a problem when you don’t have enough.

if you decide you want to change job  to further your career, go to a company that shares your values or move to a new role which can further  your career.  Think about the things that can improve your job

  • Company culture
  • Training
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Getting new skills
  • Role

 Dynamics 365 professionals UK 2018 salary

Below are the average wages for Dynamics 365 CE professionals in the UK, you can see here Nigel Frank salary survey 2018


Dynamics 365 professionals who are certified get paid more than Dynamics 365 professional who are not certified.  I have benefits of Dynamics certifications before the message is clear

Get certified and get paid more


The benefits and rewards are not just financial, consider other benefits when you are negotiating new roles and your yearly review because there might be more flexible with benefits.

The other consideration is the benefits could have a more positive effective on your job satisfaction and life.  Working from home an extra day from home could have a positive affect on your work/life balance.

Interesting facts from this years report

  • 68% of respondents said they are happy in their current role but are open to new opportunities
  • 82% of respondents who have experience with Dynamics 365 said they would recommend it to others
  • 54% of respondents have a Microsoft certification with 61% holding a Business Applications certification
  • 61% of Partner respondents reported an increase in workload over the last 12 months, up 3% from 2017
  • 56% of respondents believe years of experience in Dynamics had the greatest impact on earning potential
  • 68% of respondents said they are happy in their current role but are open to new opportunities
  •  Only 53% of respondents believe their employer pays men and women equally.