Dynamics 365 FastTrack Architect Bootcamp training in Frankfurt

The more you learn, the further you go #HoskWisdom

One of the great things for working for Capgemini is they want individuals to grow and improve.  This means I get to go to training and events.  Early this year I went to Extreme 2018 in Dubrovnik

This week I am on the Dynamics 365 FastTrack Architect Bootcamp.  The course is run by some of the Fast Track engineers who work on Microsoft biggest projects as part of the FastTrack scheme.

Phil Hand will be presenting and I read a white paper from him which helped me create this blog post on solutions

CRM 2016 – What’s the best way to organise solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  

FastTrack bootcamp is also available for Operations

What is FastTrack?

FastTrack is offered to larger customer (250 seats plus) and the FastTrack team get involved to guide the customer and partner to make sure the project is successful.

This page is offers a good overview of FastTrack and what it’s all about

FastTrack for Dynamics 365 is our customer success service designed to help you move to Dynamics 365 smoothly and confidently, so you can realize business value faster. When you participate in the FastTrack program, you will receive guidance on best practices and how to plan for successful rollouts. You will also learn ways to enable new users and expand capabilities – all at your own pace. Additionally, you will have access to Microsoft engineering resources committed to make your experience with Dynamics 365 a success.

The FastTrack offers skype sessions, workshops and regular touch-points to make sure the customer is on track.

If you are eligible for the FastTrack program then Microsoft will be involved in your project and help ensure the successful implementation of Dynamics 365 by using their FastTrack process and experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft’s FastTrack team isn’t one or two people but many different experts.

Whats covered

It’s a 4 day intensive course, which covers most aspects of a Dynamics project

You can see the course agenda here

The highlights are

  • Dynamics 365 Online Architecture
  • ALM and Solution Release Management
  • Integration Architecture / Patterns
  • Data Migration Approaches / Patterns
  • Dynamics 365 Reporting Strategy / Architecture Patterns
  • Field Service Architecture / Best Practices
  • Project Service Architecture / Best Practices
  • Security and Data Modeling
  • Performance Optimization Best Practices
  • Unified Service Desk Architecture
  • Portal Architecture / Best Practices
  •  Microsoft Business Flow/Power App
  • Dynamics 365 Testing

Pictures of my adventure

Here are some pictures of my adventure in Frankfurt. I wondered around a lovely day in Frankfurt by myself and had some frites

Hosk art selfie

Art Museum

 The bridge 

Nice River


Massive Euro?

The Flight

Frankfurt river


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