Great posts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Software Engineering from the Capgemini team

The Capgemini Microsoft team have been creating some great blog posts this year.  One of the goals of the team is to raise our profile and share knowledge with the community.   The Capgemini Dynamics team created a new blog on medium and we have an existing Software Engineering blog.

Below are links and a summary of the posts this year

Capgemini Dynamics team kick off 2018

A post on the kick off meeting, highlighting the goals for this year and achievements of last year

Why the Capgemini team recommends apprentices

Why Capgemini Dynamics teams experiences of apprentices and the success the team has had

NAW 2018: Dynamics apprentices

An article giving thoughts from the apprentices on the Capgemini Microsoft Dynamics team

What we are looking forward to at Extreme 365

4 people from the Capgemini Microsoft Dynamics team went to Extreme 365 in Dubrovnik, what we were looking to

Future of customer service in your business

How Field Service functionality can help your business

How inverting the problem can help you find different solutions

Inverting your thinking about a problem can help create different solutions and more innovative solutions

Dynamics brain teaser

A brain teaser involving Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, can you solve the puzzle

Create folder in SharePoint from Dynamics 

How to create a folder in SharePoint triggered from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugin

Software engineering and .NET articles

Here are some articles from the various Java and Microsoft teams in Capgemini, different technology but both focus on good software engineering practices.

A design review checklist for non‑designers

A checklist for developers reviewing designs

How fast are your React‑ions 

Comparing React to other JavaScript frameworks, seeing how much faster it is and other considerations

Cloud Native Apps on Azure 

Development is moving to the cloud, the article shows how you can use Azure cloud to give you an advantage

Roslyn-Based .NET Code Analyser

Roslyn, which enables .NET software engineering teams to implement automated code reviews based on the skills which they already have.

Serverless and using it

Understanding what Serverless computing is and why it’s a good thing

Debugging into a NuGet package

How to debug NuGet packages



One thought on “Great posts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Software Engineering from the Capgemini team

  1. RajeshN May 31, 2018 / 10:29 am

    Awesome post containing list of the most important blog posts and helpful information for who want to learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365. Thanks much for sharing all the great posts from the Capgemini Dynamics team. Also, thank you very much for sharing a specific article to learn how businesses can use Azure cloud to benefit an advantage

    Best Regards
    Nous Infosystems


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