Extreme365 – Dubrovnik is going to be great


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Respect #extreme365, its thinking and learning time #HoskWisdom


Extreme 365 is going to be great with some interesting looking azure/cloud based presentations.  It’s good to stop working, rushing and reacting and think about Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and what the future has in store for the Dynamics 365 projects

Going to Extreme

The Extreme365 conference is on next week on the 19th March in held in Dubrovnik, an event aimed at Partners (3 days) and customers (2 days) featuring presentations covering Dynamics (CRM and Operations) and related services/technologies.

I attended Extreme 365 in Lisbon last year

Looking at the blog from Extreme365 – 2017, the tag line was “learn + connect = grow“, this year it’s Cloud and Azure focused

  • Microsoft Intelligent Cloud
  • Intelligent Business Cloud

Extreme365 – Dubrovnik has moved with the Dynamics industry, shifting towards Cloud, Azure and cognitive online services.

There is collateral on the page for Dynamics 365 (CRM and operations) and focus on features Azure services

The Dynamics industry is moving towards solutions using Azure services and framework, while leveraging congnitive services.

There is a shift needed by Dynamics professionals to stop doing what they have done for the last 5 years (creating solutions using Dynamics 365 plugins, workflows, etc) and move to solutions using Azure to do the processing.

Extreme365 – Dubrovnik will help me learn more the various Azure services, where and when to use them.

Capgemini team

Capgemini are a global team with Dynamics practices in 8 countries and the Extreme365 event offers a good opportunity to meet up.

  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • India

here is a picture team from last year

You can learn more about the Capgemini Dynamics team from the UK who are going and what they are looking forward to seeing

What we are looking forward to at Extreme 365 — Dubrovnik

What to look forward to

You can see the full agenda here but here are some presentations I’m looking forward to

Some useful blog posts from Extreme blog

If you are going to Extreme365 please say hi to the Hosk, for those of you not going you can follow Extreme365 from your office by


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