Meet great Dynamics 365 people in London 21st November 6pm

I am convinced working on enterprise IT projects is for madmen, and I must be one of them #HoskWisdom

My favourite type of person, is a Dynamics 365 person #hoskwisdom

The Hosk is going to the a meetup in London tomorrow to meet like minded Dynamics professionals, so if you are in the Greater London area please come along

You can hear some live HoskWisdom or hear me talk about how the Capgemini Dynamics team deliver enterprise Dynamics 365 projects

The Capgemini Dynamics 365 DevOps

How we are bringing the best practices from software engineering to Dynamics 365 development


just talk about Dynamics 365 development and have a few beers.

It’s a chance to meet the Hosk and say, hmm I thought you would be taller or you are more hairy in person.

If you live in London and love Dynamics 365 or writing code, come down the pub for some drinks, food and networking courtesy of hunters recruitment