Dynamics Salary survey 2017

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffett

Money should never be the key factor in any decision #HoskWisdom

Nigel Frank do a salary survey every year and it’s improved the insights in the report year on year.

The key highlight is the average wages Dynamics roles earn but there are other interesting insights to make Dynamics professionals and employees think.

The survey won’t cost you to download but you need to give contact details (email, phone) and I’m sure you will be rewarded by being contacted by Nigel Frank in the future.

Nigel Frank Salary Survey 2017

I previously wrote about salary survey in 2016

Interesting Insights

Take into account the survey is a global survey and across all the Dynamics products (Dynamics 365, CRM, AX, NAV, etc)

Below are the insights which interest me

85% of candidates we place stay in their current position for over two years.


People will move job 20 times their career, so staying in the same job for 2 years for a career for 40 years is broadly right.

After getting 2 years experience in a new role, external employers will pay more for that experience than the company who is employing them.  This is the difference between a company paying a percentage increase (lets say 5%) and a new company offering a larger pay increase (the value of the experience gained).

2 or 3 years will be people looking to make the next step in their career, many people can get stuck in a position and their career stagnate, looking opportunities elsewhere.  e.g. Career + more pay = move.

21.3 % have been in their current role less than a year


A fifth of the people responding to a the Nigel Frank survey had only recently moved, maybe they filled in the survey because Nigel Frank helped them find a new role.  It seems a lot.

Career Development – Lack of progression opportunities cited as the main reason for job dissatisfaction, while only 39% of respondents were happy with in-house training.


Most companies don’t seem to invest in people, seeing this as a cost instead of an investment.  It reminds me of this quote from Richard Branson

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson


I find the lack of training surprising and disappointing because in Microsoft Dynamics industry its all about the people.  Most companies in the Dynamics 365 industry don’t have products and mainly deliver projects and consultancy.  It would make sense to invest in training for those people

Salary – 54% of professionals were satisfied with their salary, while 67% felt that gaining the right type of experience is more important than salary.


People always want more money but I believe if you get the experience and skills then you will be paid the money you are worth.  Focus on learning, become awesome and you will get the wages you deserve.


85% are male

less than 2% are under 24 – Why is there so few graduates in Dynamics?

39 % are older than 41 with 41% between 31 and 40.


I understand Dynamics isn’t a sexy industry to attract people from university and graduates but its a low figure. Experienced people are maybe more suited to Dynamics projects which usually involve more customer interaction.  Dynamics can’t be delivered by coders alone, the projects need close interaction with the business and users.

Most common challenges of Implementing Dynamics products

  • Data migration 52%
  • User adoption 38%
  • Lack of appropriate skills 36%
  • Cost of custom integration 33%

Top reasons to move jobs

  • 37% lack of leadership and vision
  • 50% lack of career or promotion prospects

Here are the salaries for the popular roles, there are more in the survey so check it out.

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