Hosk’s Top Dynamics 365 Articles of the week – 16th June


But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Ernest Hemingway


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  • The pressure to make things complex will be great but you must keep it as simple as possible #HoskWisdom
  • Don’t waste words, make every one count #HoskWisdom
  • If you can deliver the same message with fewer words then do so #HoskWisdom
  • if you tried your hardest you have nothing to regret #HoskWisdom
  • Constantly talking about doing something is a barrier to doing something #HoskWisdom
  • Speak less, listen more and think often #HoskWisdom
  • If something has no value, stop measuring it #HoskWisdom
  • Contributing to a successful team is better than achieving personal goals #HoskWisdom
  • People admire Dad dancing because it is a state of mind only achieved by those who are not constrained by popular opinion #HoskWisdom
  • Leaders don’t try to win the race they try to get everyone to finish #HoskWisdom
  • Don’t over think and under act #HoskWisdom
  • Thinking should not stop action #HoskWisdom
  • Respect silence, its thinking time #HoskWisdom
  • Don’t waste your energy fighting the inevitable, instead choose to be prepared #HoskWisdom
  • Bosses should tell employees where they can do better but most don’t #HoskWisdom
  • I like to start the day with a steaming hot cup of Microsoft Dynamics 365 #HoskWisdom
  • Win when you can, lose if you must but always enjoy it #HoskWisdom
  • There are no shortcuts in delivering successful projects #HoskWisdom
  • Be relentless about improving #HoskWisdom
  • You won’t win if you are afraid of losing #HoskWisdom
  • Rejection makes you serious about a goal or helps you decide it’s not important #HoskWisdom
  • When a pupil isn’t doing well the reason is often due to bad teaching #HoskWisdom
  • You cannot go back to what you were, you can only move forward to what you will be #HoskWisdom
  • When conflict becomes personal, it becomes a problem #HoskWisdom
  • For the people who achieve, tomorrow is too late #HoskWisdom
  • If you lose because of a lack of preparation then you beat yourself #HoskWisdom
  • No one will follow a leader who isn’t good at his job #HoskWisdom
  • When you let sleeping dogs lie, be prepared to be woken by those dogs in the future #HoskWisdom

Articles of the week


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