Extreme 365 – 2017 Day 1 in pictures

Here is the Hosk Extreme 365 adventure in pictures.  I will be writing a blog post on the content as well but I wanted to give a feel of how the day was structured.

If you want to know what Extreme 365 is read this What is Extreme 365 – Lisbon 2017?

pictures of my first few days in Lisbon chillin with the Capgemini Dynamics 365 team – Hosk Extreme 365 – 2017 Adventure in pictures

Found this interesting tweet of the history of Extreme

The conference is in a nice new hotel and you first see the welcome desk

You get a pass

 ClickDimensions Advanced Partner Training.   The training was so popular it had to be moved into a bigger room and more chairs added

Matt doing his Usain Bolt impression whilst showing Freemarker and email templates

Click Dimensions Campaign automation is great but it’s going to be get better with some more investment and improvements  ClickDimensions talks about how to plan for Enterprise Dynamics 365 projects


Here is the Maplytics from Inogic.  I had a demo and it has a surprising amount of functionality

Here a few pictures of the hall and booths, I saw some products I hadn’t seen before, HR in Dynamics 365!





Schedules for Wednesday, Jonas Rapp is a busy boy

Dynamics 365 – Is Adobe Marketing the end of ClickDimensions?

the truth is never pure and never simple – Oscar Wilde

The story is never as dramatic as the headline #HoskWisdom

I wanted a dramatic headline because it’s a common question which gets asked.  What ever marketing moves happen in Microsoft Dynamics 365 people ask how it affects ClickDimensions and what does it say about Microsoft relationship with ClickDimensions.

  • What does Microsoft buying Marketing Pilot mean for ClickDimensions?
  • What does Microsoft partnering with Adobe Marketing mean for ClickDimensions?
  • Microsoft is bringing out some marketing functionality

I attended at the ClickDimensions advanced partner training at Extreme 365 and someone bravely asked what Microsoft’s new partnership with Adobe Marketing. It feels wrong to ask this question, the kind of awkwardness asking someone how their ex-wife is going with their new husband, ermmmmm Awkward.

I liked Matt Wittemann’s response and attitude

ClickDimensions welcome competition because a rising tide lifts all boats and will promote Dynamics 365 as a marketing solution

Competition is a challenge you can rise to and the response of a company who is confident their product will continue to win customers because they are good at what they do and ClickDimensions is going to improve in the future.

The simple answer is Adobe Marketing is suitable for enterprise projects where there is a large  marketing team (10 people plus).  ClickDimensions focuses on small to medium-sized companies.

An Adobe Marketing project will be in the millions/Multi Millions.  It’s not to say ClickDimensions can’t do big projects but it is saying Adobe Marketing would be too expensive and feature rich for smaller companies and isn’t competing with ClickDimensions for those deals.

There is room for both companies to successfully operate with Dynamics 365 and they compliment each other with regards to functionality/price.

Most people who have worked in the Dynamics 365/CRM industry for a few years probably knew the answer but I thought I would share the response I heard.