Hosk Extreme 365 – 2017 Adventure in pictures

Here are some of the pictures from the first 2 days of Extreme 2017 adventure

Day 1 – Travelling

Started reading my new book I got for world book day from my lovely Hosk family

The journey was a bit hectic with a 5am start with Uber ride the airport for my 7.15 flight.

I had to fly to Munich first and then to Lisbon, 6 hours and two small little meals

Ready for liftoff

Just above the clouds

Munich looks nice from up high

Here is the Airport at Lisbon

Sunday 12th – Day 2 – Sightseeing

Some of the guys eat barnacles for a starter, I wasn’t brave enough

This is winter in Portugal!  Very different from winter in England

The Hosk at the beach in his Ipswich Town FC top, Thumbs up indeed

Some of the Capgemini guys getting evidence of beach

Awesome Catherdral in Lisbon 

There is a shop famous for selling custard tarts – Pasteis de Belem, we queued for 30 minutes to buy some, they were delicious



What is Extreme 365 – Lisbon 2017?

Extreme 365 starts tomorrow and you will hear a lots of chatter and social media posts about the event but what is it? and why should you care?

What is it?

Extreme365 is a one of Microsoft’s big conferences for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  This year its held in sunny Lisbon – Portugal.

The first 3 days of the event are for Microsoft Partners (Mon – Wed) and Thursday and Friday are for customers.

It costs to attend, you can find more about pricing and registration here

Microsoft sells/explains the event

Where the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community comes together to forge relationships, gain real-world knowledge and dive deep into current and future technologies.


The agenda shows what is coming for

The best place to learn about Extreme365 is on the website http://www.extremecrm.com

Why should you attend

I’m going to focus on why Partners should attend, here are the key reasons people

  • The Dynamics Road map
  • Talk to Dynamics 365 experts
  • See functionality, solutions and ask questions/discuss
  • See functionality in action
  • Training

Microsoft need to sell the event, so they can persuade Microsoft Partners to buy tickets

Why Partners should attend, below are the highlights

  • Direct access to Microsoft leaders providing insider insight to help shape your future strategies

  • Microsoft’s Roadmap for Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud including Operations (AX),  CRM, and Financials

  • Dynamics 365 Spring Release (Sales, Marketing, Field Service, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Service Automation. Operations & Financials)

  • Building cloud business applications using AX, CRM, Azure, the Common Data Model, Flow, Power BI, Cortana Analytics and other capabilities of the Intelligent Business Cloud

  • Delivering Cloud Business Solutions to the Market leveraging AppSource and CSP

  • Understanding the impact of LinkedIn Acquisition

  • Education on third party add on products to help you solve business problems

  • Training classes offered by Mircrosoft on Power BI, Analytics using Cortana, Azure, IoT, integrating Dynamics 365 with Azure, and Portals

  • Updates on hot Microsoft operational topics such as pricing, incentives, provisioning, listing apps on AppSource and more!

How to follow

Not everyone can attend but you can see highlights from the event by seeing tweets from @eXtreme_365 and following the hashtag #eXtreme365.  I will also try and share some interesting content on twitter @BenHosk

Say Hi to the Hosk

This article The importance of being Social at eXtreme365 highlights a great point of conferences.  We are there to learn, make friends, make contacts and have fun.

So if you are going to the event make sure you make some time to say Hi to the Hosk, I want to  meet real life people who I have interacted with virtually through twitter, LinkedIn, blogs etc. I am going to make these people come to life

I will warn you the Hosk is smaller and hairier in real life, try to hide your disappointment #SayHiToHosk

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