Birmingham Dynamics Crm User Group has started – Join now

Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Mattie Stepanek


I got an invite to the Birmingham Dynamics CRM User group, which I accepted thinking it would be great to meet Dynamics CRM\Dynamics 365 users in the Midlands area.

Exchange ideas, hands on sessions, discuss new features\functionality etc.

After my invite was accepted I was then asked if I wanted to pick a topic and present at the first session!  We shall see about that but it’s a great opportunity for the growing number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 professional in the Midlands area to meet up, share ideas, experiences and knowledge.


Question – Why should I join?

Answer – You can meet and collaborate with Dynamics CRM\Dynamics 365 professionals in the West Midlands.  This can build your network (Networking can help with job opportunities)

Question – Why meet up in person, everything  online these days isn’t it?

Answer – When you meet people you can build a rapport and you might be working with some of these people in the future.  If you attend a session in person then you can ask questions to the speaker, to other members attending.  Learning and understanding often is better explained in different ways by people with different skills and experience.

Socializing and meeting people is fun and great discussions are often not the discussions are often not scripted or pre-determined but the ones which happen from just talking.

You will meet great people and learn about Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Dynamics 365, awesome

Question – What CRMUG they have great meet ups in the UK?

Answer – Yes you are correct (although the Hosk has never been, people have told me they are excellent) and there is one on the 23rd November in Reading.  If you don’t know about CRMUG read CRMUG FAQ or What is CRMUG? Should you join?

CRMUG meetings are usually held around London or Reading, the Birmingham Dynamics CRM User group is based in the West Midlands.

Question – How do I join?

Answer – That’s the spirit , go here and click the Join us! button


Question – Any other reason to join?

Answer – Yes you get the Marvelous Hosk

response – Wow that’s awesome, wait why are you having an email discussion with your pretend self

Hosk – I have no idea, I’m going to end this blog post and look to see some of my blog readers in person at the first meetup of the Birmingham Dynamics Crm User Group

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