The Fairy of failure – Who broke the build


But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Ernest Hemingway

One of the reasons I am enjoying working for Capgemini CRM team is the projects have a DevOps team and we have continuous integration. It’s so awesome to have check-ins triggering automatic builds which verify your check in has not broken anything.  Quick continuous feedback gives confidence in the validity of the CRM solutions.

Continuous integration

We have lots of builds being regularly kicked off and we have regular builds to move the latest code into the CI environment, enabling us to test our code in a shared environment.

The more often you build the quicker you find problems and with smaller changesets

The Devops team have created dashboards for the different scrum teams, allowing the development team to check the build is good and the build is green.


You may notice we have gone for the solution structure of customisations, plugins and workflows.  Which is the solution structure I prefer, which I have discussed in this post

CRM 2016 – What’s the best way to organise solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Build breakers

When you have a lot of builds you have developers who break the build.  These build breakers must be publicly shamed.  Making mistakes when you are trying new things is fine, often mistakes are caused by bad processes and systems – take ownership for what you do

Mistakes caused by laziness need to highlighted so the team knows someone has been slacking at work

Many developers are asleep at the keyboard of development #HoskWisdom

To help with the public shaming of build breakers I have brought in the fairy of failure which gets awarded to the developer who

  • Breaks the build
  • Makes a schoolboy error
  • forgot/couldn’t be bothered to do something

It was the fairies first day today and she has already been sitting on two different developers monitors and it was quite amusing shouting FAIRY at a developer today.

If development isn’t fun, you are not doing it right #HoskWisdom



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