CRM 2016 – How to find the default currency without going into Office 365

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I was tasked with moving a customisations, data and config from one CRM Online instance to another.

I was only a CRM System Administrator and didn’t have access to Office 365.  I was checking some of the settings and wanted to know the default currency.

The default or base currency is set when you create your Microsoft Dynamics CRM instance, it’s usually set to the country where the organisation is based.

If you add more currencies you have to keep the exchange rate up to date but CRM calculates all values in the base currency and converts them using the exchange rate on the screen.

If you want to learn more about currencies in CRM this blog is excellent


I headed over to check the currency section of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Settings –> Business Management –> Currencies


Having two currency fields meant I didn’t know which one was the base currency field

I tried to use the FetchXML builder to see if there was a field which specified which currency was the default currency but there isn’t.  I never realised the Currency entity has the schema name of transactioncurrency.

Using my Sherlock detective skills the currency with the earliest CreatedOn date would be the first currency record and likely to be base currency.  I’m guessing the base currency would be the one with 1 exchange rate.

Currencies 1

I didn’t want to guess because assumptions can cause problems and bugs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I decided to open the currency records and when I opened GBP and it told me it was the base currency.  The exchange rate is read only

Currencies 3

The EUR exchange rate was editable and it didn’t tell me it was the base currency.

Currencies 2