Dynamic CRM Salary survey 2016


Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

Terry Pratchett


Dynamics recruiter Nigel Frank International annual Microsoft Dynamics salary survey is available and is an interesting read, you can Download Salary Survey Report

The Dynamics survey is made from 18704 professionals in 131 countries and doesn’t just focus on salary but other areas

  • geography
  • wages
  • working hours
  • gender
  • certifications
  • bench time
  • reason for changing jobs
  • bonuses and benefits
Nigel Frank suggest you find out:
  • How much you should be earning
  • How your salary compares to others in similar roles
  • Insights into global bonuses and benefits
  • Movement between End User and Partner
  • Insights into the motivations for changing jobs and employers
  • Key aspects of job satisfaction

Why you should care about average wages?

Average salary surveys are a broad guide,roles and responsibilities can’t always be grouped.  The regions in salary surveys can be vast, in the UK it groups the Midlands and East Anglia when these areas are over 100 miles apart (it’s big in the UK overseas readers).  Salary surveys have people who have just started in a role and someone who has been in that role for many years.

Working isn’t all about money, well until you find someone else in the company is getting paid more for doing the same job!

There is value to salary surveys, it gives you an opportunity to compare your current wage with the average, it gives you an estimate of what you could earn for your current role or a different role.

Its perceived wisdom you will get bigger pay rise if you move companies because companies give you a percentage pay rise of around 3 to 5 percent.  When you move companies you might get a double-digit pay rise when the company pays you for the experience.

With the increased effectiveness of recruitment consultants thanks to LinkedIn, perhaps Microsoft Dynamic partners should pay more attention to the average wages because its likely Microsoft Dynamics professionals will receive job offers via LinkedIn.  If companies aren’t paying the average wage then these employees could be tempted away.

I’m often curious of the cost of replacing an employee, do companies take into account

  • business knowledge
  • project knowledge
  • relationships
  • internal process and procedure knowledge

hiring a new person brings

  • Recruitment costs (time)
  • Recruitment agencies (if you can’t use your network)
  • risk of hiring unsuitable person (skills, personality/culture clash)

There are lots of potential pluses if you hire the right person, they bring in fresh ideas, different perspectives, energy and enthusiasm.

It’s easy for Dynamics professionals to leave, this highlights how important managing your Dynamics professionals is and ensuring they are content.  Dynamics CRM is a people business, in most instances the company is selling the skills, knowledge and experience of their CRM professional rather than a product.

Average Salary is a tool

Knowing the average wage is a useful bargaining tool to take into your review (as long as its more than your current wage).  It gives an anchor to the discussion and offers an impartial view of an average wage in the industry

if you are thinking moving jobs, it be used to see if the role is paying the going rate and not just more than your current wage.

Interesting facts in the survey

The survey was probably limited by the need for English speakers but 27.6% of the responders were from United States with 10 percent from England.
  Salary survey 1


42% are certified

35.7% experience a pay rise post certification

It shows the benefit of passing Dynamics certifications with a 3rd receiving a pay rise, surely it’s worth a couple of months revising for a certification to get a pay rise and increase you knowledge of Dynamics CRM.

34% plan to leave their current job within 12 months (if you listen carefully you can hear the recruitment consultants cheering)

28% sat on the bench for more than 1.5 days a week in 2015.

34.3% said the reason to move job was lack of Leadership & vision

Sales Salary Figures UK

Salary survey 2
Salary survey 3

Who do you work for?

It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.


The question of who you work for? is different to who pays your wages.  People stopped working for one company for their entire career.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals are likely to move many times in their career, so the person you work for is yourself.

You should make sure you are managing your own career

  • Getting useful/desirable experience
  • learning new skills
  • Getting certified
  • Making sure your career is progressing

If you haven’t set yourself a career goal or next step in your career, its unlikely you are working towards it efficiently.  When you know your dream job/role, you can work backwards from it, calculating what the skills, experience, network and knowledge you need for the job.

If You Don’t Design Your Career, Someone Else Will


“No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you.”
― Robert GreeneMastery 

Everyone wants to get paid and lots of money is great but it won’t help you enjoy your work.  People spend at least 7.5 hours a day at work,  its important you enjoy work and feel you are contributing.

Many articles I have written on CRM development – Hosk‘s CRM Developer articles involve people having high standards and passion for the role as CRM Developer (CRM Developers need Passion), if you don’t enjoy something you won’t push yourself to learn and improve, holding back your career development.

I have asked myself the question – Why do people stay in boring jobs.  Sometimes the answer is money because they can’t earn as much money doing something else, this leads to long work days and people counting down the days to retirement.

 The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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