Dynamics Connector is being discontinued, What does it mean?

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I read this article Connector for Microsoft Dynamics support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM beyond Dynamics CRM version 2016, it has this quote

Dynamics CRM version 2016 will be the last major version of Dynamics CRM to be supported by Connector.

The latest version can be found here


What does the Dynamics connector do?

The Dynamics connector connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft Dynamics products (NAV, AX, GP).  It‘s a product created by Microsoft and given away free to Microsoft partners.

The Dynamics Connector is like a free version of Scribe but harder to use and with less functionality (but its free).

I used the Dynamics connector for a while, the biggest obstacle was the lack of information and blog posts written about the connector.  As soon as anything went wrong it was almost impossible to get help to resolve the problem.

You can my blog posts on the Dynamics Connector, they are primarily focused on fixing problems


Who uses it

Many Microsoft Dynamics partners use the Dynamics connector, it‘s useful tool to synchronise data between CRM and other dynamics products.

The biggest advantage it has is it‘s free, so can reduce the cost of the project, which is useful for small projects where money is tight.  When using the connector you often end up spending pltenty of time getting the connector to work, any money you save on not buying Scribe licences will is used development and setting up the Dynamics connector, particularly if you need to synchronize custom entities.

What does discontinuing mean

It‘s seems a strange decision to drop support because you would think Microsoft would want to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other Dynamics products.

The question I’m asking is – why wouldn’t they continue to support it? because to synchronise you need licences to two seperate Microsoft Dynamics products, surely something Microsoft would encourage.

In Dynamics AX they are bringing in functionality to Synchronize AX with Dynamics CRM.  The functionality is not ready yet but as always it’s imminent.  The discontation of the Dynamics Connector and new functionality inside Dynamics products is perhaps the model Microsoft are moving towards..

The communication between Microsoft and the Dynamics community is not open, so we are left guessing for the time being.