CRM 2016 – Bing maps not appearing

I created a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial, went to the account screen and realised Bing maps wasn’t appearing

Usually when things don’t work, the first place to look is in System settings and found the setting

no bing map.

The reason it isn’t enabled


By enabling this command, you consent to share your data with an external system. Data imported from external systems into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are subject to our privacy statement that can be accessed here. Please consult the feature technical documentation for more information.

It links to two articles

Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement

Manage Bing Maps for your organization

I assume Bing maps is disabled because Microsoft must use the data and so must need users to consent to the data being used.

Stop sending error reports

A developer asked me how he could stop the annoying error report messages.  My answer to most questions about CRM is, I think I have written a blog about that.  I remembered it

CRM 2013 – How to stop these annoying things in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here is the answer

Disable Send Report to Microsoft pop up

I personally have always wondered what Microsoft does with all those error reports it asks people to send!

You might be tired of clicking on these message and you probably don’t want your end users to see this popup.

Good news – Luckily Microsoft have added a setting we can turn off

Bad news – it’s hidden in a place where no one would dream of looking

If you want to stop this message, you need to go to

Settings –> Administration –> Privacy Preferences –> tick box and select Never send

privacy settings


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