Why Resco acquiring CWR’s mobile CRM is important

Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get

Warren Buffett


One large purchase for Resco, one big leap for Microsoft Dynamics Mobile space.

Interesting press release from Resco announcing they had taken over CWR’s mobile line of business which includes

  • Technology
  • Customers
  • Partners

You can read the whole press release – Resco acquires CWR mobile CRM activities

Who are Resco?

Resco are one of the leaders in mobile software and it’s product Resco Mobile CRM is a mobile solution for IOS, Android and Windows.  They have been in business for 16 years have 1200+ corporate customers and 50000 licences users.

If you unfamilar with Resco and it’s mobile application this video will give you an introduction

Resco offer a free trial to try their mobile app here

If you want to learn more about Resco, they have an interesting about page 

Who are CWR Mobile?

The CWR Mobile about I have learnt CWR Mobile have been in the mobile business for 10 and in CWR was named Microsoft’s Partner of the Year for Mobility Business-to-Business Applications in 2011.

CWR Mobile’s product is called CWR Mobile CRM, you can read the functionality of the product here.  Watch the video below

Why did Resco buy CWR Mobile CRM assets?

The first thing we should clarify what has happened

It takes ownership of the entire CWR mobile CRM portfolio including its technology, customers, partner activities and responsibilities

Resco have purchased the technology, customers and partner activities, which includes around 11000 users.

Resco and CWR Mobile are the two biggest ISV’s, so instead of of Resco competing against CWR mobile it can now focus on improving the product and competing against Microsoft mobile application which is now it’s main competitor.  There is a great quote in the press release

“CWR has been in a healthy competition with Resco for several years, where both solutions had their specific pros and cons. From now on, customers, resellers, and integrators can buy one unified solution via one software company: RESCO,” says Cyril Vonken, CEO of CWR Mobility.


Now Resco has two different solutions to offer to customers and can share resources and possibly some development in the future.

Msdynamicsworld has written an insightful article on the topic

Resco to Acquire CWR Mobility’s Assets, Consolidating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobility Space

At the bottom of the article it has a good quote from Resco COO Ivan Stano

“Our ambitions go beyond the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world now,” he says. “Based on our unprecedented position in Dynamics, we are actively approaching the remaining top three CRM providers (Oracle, Salesforce, SAP). We see Resco as a complete mobile strategy for businesses no matter what their back-end systems are. This is our top priority after the take-over.”


It raises an important question, with fewer competitors will Resco spend more time focusing on creating mobile applications for other CRM systems?

Why it’s important

My first experience of mobile applications integrating with CRM was using FieldOne where the mobile application plays an important part in the overall solution.

I saw how effective a mobile application can be for service management but it’s likely mobile devices will be incorporated in more projects going forward.  Location was a problem in projects, functionality available in mobile devices means this is an opportunity to capture or consume data with  location data.

The FieldOne application allow service engineers to update jobs and schedulers in the office could react to these updates in real time, reroute other engineers and use the live information.

You can read my initial thoughts on FieldOne in the article below.

FieldOne – Mobile app thoughts, problems and solutions

Mobile applications will play a bigger part in CRM solutions, more customers will want mobile devices to consume and update data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Mobile applications will improve and industries who have mobile workers will

It’s important for a Resco to push Microsoft to improve their own mobile application. It makes for an interesting relationship between Resco and Microsoft,  Resco is a gold partner and have worked with Microsoft for many years.

Resco offers some great functionality in it’s mobile application which

  • signing for items
  • updating CRM
  • uploading pictures
  • work offline
  • consuming data

Resco were mentioned by Leon Tribe article as a company to make Microsoft Dynamics even more awesome!

Four Acquisitions To Make Dynamics CRM Awesome

Will the purchase of CWR Mobile CRM make Resco more or less appealing for Microsoft to purchase?  It will certainly make them more expensive.



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