The 10 most popular Hosk CRM blog posts in 2015

It’s Christmas, a time where terrestrial TV shows greatest hits and compilations.  Instead of spending time crafting new exciting CRM blog posts I will do my own version of greatest hits by listing the most popular Hosk CRM blog posts of 2015

The most clicked on blog posts in 2015

  1. CRM 2013 – Step by Step Update Plugin Tutorial using the CRM 2013 Development Toolkit
  2. CRM 2013 – Understanding Solutions and how they work
  3. MB2-703 – CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration Certification Information
  4. CRM 2011 – Javascript Xrm.Page Basics
  5. CRM 2013 – Setting up Visual Studio with the Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  6. CRM 2011 – Javascript and Subgrids code example
  7. What are the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and how do you work with them?
  8. CRM 2013 – Javascript to get id of current record
  9. CRM 2013 – quick way to get the guid on a form
  10. CRM 2011 – Quick tip – Javascript to stop a form saving

It seems most readers are still developing with CRM 2013 and CRM 2011, it would be interesting to see the number of CRM deployments and versions.

Most clicked articles written in 2015

  1. What are the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and how do you work with them?
  2. Understanding Plugin sandbox mode
  3. Where is the CRM Developer toolkit for CRM 2015?
  4. CRM 2015 – Why filtered views are useful
  5. Getting the CRM Developer toolkit working with Visual Studio 2013
  6. Why .NET developers struggle with CRM Development
  7. CRM 2015 – how to find Statecode value
  8. What’s new in CRM 2015 SP1 for developers, customizers and admins
  9. CRM 2013 – Understanding SystemJobs and Async Plugins
  10. CRM 2015 – Understanding CRM Metadata

Thanks for everyone who has read and commented on my Hosk CRM blog posts, I look forward to creating interesting content next year.

Blogging is a great way to help learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if you haven’t got a CRM blog then I recommend you start writing one NOW.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog posts this year please leave a comment.

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