Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 26th October

One day you go into work, the work is difficult and boring.

The next day you can go into work and continue working on the same piece of work and it’s interesting, exciting and enjoyable.

The work stayed the same the difference was you and your approach to work.

This lead me to watch , a small pale blue dot from Carl Sagan

Quotes of the week

that IS the question: whether to float with the tide, or to swim for a goal. It is a choice we must all make consciously or unconsciously at one time in our lives.

Hunter S Thompson featured on Farnam Street blog

You can’t change the CRM SDK, you must change to use the CRM SDK to develop suitable customizations for the customers requirements – Hosk Quotes

“Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty.”

― William Archer


Article of the week

Getting started with CRM development

A great list of resources to get started with CRM development.  There is a wealth of information available for CRM developers and this blog rounds up the Microsoft offerings.

I would add the list of top 25 CRM blogs to the list and the Microsoft Dynamic CRM forums

Not forgetting Hosk’s CRM Developer Articles


Why Should You Always Debug with the Plugin Registration Tool

I agree developers should use the plugin registration tool because it doesn’t stop any other developers on the system.  There are other reason, read the article to find out

CRM Implementation and Deployment Best Practices

Interesting list of deployment best practices

Calculated and Rollup field limitation

A classic CRM gotcha you need to know about regarding calculated and rollup fields.

CRM Deployment Best Practices

Technet outline for further articles,  provides a good framework for things you should have already thought about.

New Knowledge Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 release

Good new features, why has it taken so long?

Data Loader Service: Preview Feature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Getting data into your CRM online instance can be pain.  You should also read How to create realistic Test Data for your CRM Project and why you should

How to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At the heart of CRM is data but what’s the best tool to use to import it

A Classic CRM debate – To use leads or not to use leads, that is the questions

I have had many a discussion with customers about leads, don’t discuss it

The pains of setting up a new CRM dev environment

Setting up CRM dev environments is something which has to be done

Dynamics CRM 2015 Workflow Tools

Useful free tools

CRM 2013 – using Entity.GetAttributeValue instead of Entity.Contains

Get rid of your if (entity.field != null) and use Entity.contains

A record count tool

counting records can be useful in scenarios of counting records.

Business Rules – Your Key to Programming Knowledge in MS Dynamics CRM

A great tool for non coders to create JavaScript like actions on your CRM forms.

Getting the CRM Developer toolkit working with Visual Studio 2013

With a few edits here and there you can get CRM Dev toolkit working with visual studio 2013 whilst we wait for Microsoft to make an official version

Javascript to set the current date and time

Set the current data and time using JavaScript.

{Customization and Scripting Tip} Workaround for showing some number fields without comma in Dynamics CRM

Good tip

Programmatically create folders and upload files in SharePoint Server 2013 through Plug-in/Workflow

Useful to have an example, SharePoint code needs a different way of thinking


Javascript goes async

Satya Nadella Explains Why Microsoft Still Makes Hardware

An Ex-Microsoft Engineer’s Advice to Programmers: Learn How to Write


9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings

How to tell a great story, visualized

The 8 causes of Plateaus

Tesla’s batteries to power two dozen Calif. office buildings

Hunter S. Thompson on Living versus Existing

Previous top picks

Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 13th October

Useful Hosk Links

Hosk list Of CRM 2013 Tools

A list and review of CRM 2013 tools, this will probably work in CRM 2015 as well

Hosk’s CRM Developer Articles

A collection of my favourite CRM Developer articles I have written

MB2-703 – CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration Certification Information

All the CRM 2013 content to help you pass the exam

HoskWisdom – Hosk Developer Quotes

 Words of Wisdom from the Hosk.  I have written over 900 articles, surely I should have said a few memorable things

2 thoughts on “Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 26th October

  1. Zsolt Zömbik October 27, 2015 / 8:53 am

    Ben, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for have mentioned my article in your post, it is truly appreciated.


    • Hosk October 27, 2015 / 9:23 am

      My pleasure. Thanks for writing some great CRM articles, they are getting better and better.

      Keep up the good work.


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