Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 14th September

I have been on holiday for a week at the awesome Butlins, I had a great time but boy was it tiring.

I saw Scooby Doo, Mike the Knight, Angelina the Ballerina and Katie from Cbeebies, went on rides, danced, playdoh, bubbles, saw a castle and went to the beach.

Here are my Mini Hosk’s having fun


Article of the week

editable grid in CRM? here are the choices

Sometimes customers will want an editable grid, this blog posts goes through some of the options.

best of the rest

Overcoming Multi-Level Rollup Field Limitation

Codeless solutions can sometimes be tricky.  This blog posts gets round the rollup field limitation of you can’t reference a rollup field in a rollup field.  Codeless solutions sometimes can involve using code other people have written in a free solution!

Set Address using Lookup Address for locked Address fields in Dynamics CRM

Setsubmit and dirty fields can cause headaches for CRM developers because CRM only updates fields which are dirty (dirty means changed).  This blog post above shows how they got round the problem.

I would also suggest reading my blog post

CRM 2011/2013 – What does setSubmitMode do? and how does it work?

creating a Codeless Opportunity Payment Schedule in CRM

A codeless solution from the king of the no code solutions Leon Tribe.

CRM 2015 – how to find Statecode value

How to find the statecode value for an entity

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Browser Compatibility

Browser compatiablity is a problem which can sneak up on CRM upgrades, makes sure you know what internet browsers you can use.

Dynamics CRM Outlook Synchronization: How it Works – white paper

Outlook synchronization is great when it works and terrible when there is a problem.  Read this white paper to learn what’s going on under the hood

CRM 2013 – How add a status reason using the CRM SDK

You can use the CRM SDK to create status reasons and set the int number used

solution simple questions

This blog answers some of the common questions about solutions. I also recommend reading Hosk blog posts

Modifying Click-To-Call Hyperlink Properties for CRM 2013 Phone Fields

Setting click to call hyperlinks on some system fields, involves a bit of tinkering.

CRM 2013 – Plugins – Simple update plugin – Redeploying, improving and updating

Step by step guide to updating a plugin

Lock/Unlock Composite fields using Java Script in Dynamics CRM

Expanding Field Label Widths in CRM 2015

Expanding field labels is not straight forward (like many things in CRM), find out how

How to Avoid Code Complexity?

Great post on how to avoid code complexity, something I am always trying to avoid.

On a similar subject read my two blog posts on the subject


Code Review – The Ultimate Guide

About Clean Code

Code Watch: The first four habits of highly employable developers


Roughly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism

How Germany abolished tuition fees

critical thinking

3 words to revolutionize the world

Get it Done: 35 Habits of the Most Productive People (Infographic)

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

The Ten Most Important Books To Expand Your Brain

Simplify Your Life

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