Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 24th August

Article of the Week

a good example and justification of using access teams to share record

A great post to help understand when and why to use access teams.  I wrote a brief article on access teams for CRM 2013 – MB2-703 – Access Teams and Access Team Templates how to use them and key facts

Why Use Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013

Initially I wasn’t sure the purpose of Access teams but the article above and this excellent article from Adam Vero should help you understand the concept.

CRM 2013 – Why are access teams marooned?

Oddly there isn’t a way to export the configuration for access teams, which means you have to recreate them.  This is another case of a Connect issue raised years ago and mainly ignored (Is Microsoft Listening to the Dynamics CRM Community?)

Console app for moving CRM Access Team templates

Luckily there is a console application which can copy the CRM access team templates written by Lucas Alexander.

Best of the Rest

CRM 2015 – How to diagnose plugin errors

Hosk blog with advice on how to diagnose Plugin errors

Using CRM from an external website – part 3: Stage one “Web API”

The series continues linking CRM with an external website.

Adding Custom Button on Security area in Dynamics CRM 2015

Ever wondered how to add a custom button to the security, nope me neither but it doesn’t you won’t have to do it in the future.

summary of all the import privileges

How to enable and disable users from importing and exporting in CRM

CRM 2011 – Javascript to set the current date and time

JavaScript showing how to set a CRM field to the current data and time

CRM UI Testing using Dalek

Interesting article on writing UI Tests for CRM, I will admit to never having heard of Dalek before.

What are the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and how do you work with them?

When you write customizations for CRM online you need to think differently

Use SQL Tracing to find the SQL query generated for Dynamics CRM Platform Operations for CRM On-Premise

Match your CRM queries to SQL queries, very useful.

New Localizable Attributes in Dynamics CRM 2015

Very useful

Looking at upgrade approaches

Things to consider about upgrading CRM and keep up with releases, rollups and service patches.

Using Microsoft Power BI Desktop to build Dynamics CRM Online reports Part 2

Hmmm Power BI seems pretty darn good.

Why Software Development Time Estimation Doesn’t Work and Alternative Approaches

Why KISS isn’t easy

More Agile, More Problems

teaching is important as anything else

thinking small with Malcolm Gladwell

breaking the mold


The Jerry Seinfeld and John Grisham Productivity Hack

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Hosk list Of CRM 2013 Tools

A list and review of CRM 2013 tools, this will probably work in CRM 2015 as well

Hosk’s CRM Developer Articles

A collection of my favourite CRM Developer articles I have written

MB2-703 – CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration Certification Information

All the CRM 2013 content to help you pass the exam

HoskWisdom – Hosk Developer Quotes

 Words of Wisdom from the Hosk.  I have written over 900 articles, surely I should have said a few memorable things