CRM 2013 error – The file is too large and cannot be uploaded. Please reduce the size of the file and try again.

One of the CRM Developers had created a report 16 megabytes in size and when they tried to import the report they instantly go the message

file size limit

They searched the internet and fond a page with a likely solution

How to upload large report files in CRM

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the CRM developer, they had sent me my own page, awesome.

The blog post was written in March 2011 by a younger Hosk, so I have to admit I only have a dim memory of this problem, luckily for me and other people who have this problem I wrote a detailed blog about it.

This shows the benefit of writing a blog, I can often find the answers to many CRM problems which I have forgotten all about.

Where are reports in CRM 2013?

I was working on a CRM 2013 on-premise instance and I’m never sure where the reports are kept, my way of finding and adding reports is to do an Advanced find

I’m not sure if I have a modified CRM or I just can’t find reports anymore.

Max size limit

You will notice when you try and upload a large report the file size error pops up very quickly, the reason for this is there is a system setting Maximum file Size (in kilobytes)

A tad confusingly this is kept in the Email tab in System Settings

file size limit 1

To get to System Settings

Settings –> Administration –> System Settings –> Maxiumum File Size

The downside of modifying this will mean there larger email attachments but I think you should be able to change this, upload your large report and then set the limit back down.

In the example I changed the limit to 20 megabytes.

.NET machine config

Changing the Max File limit alone won’t resolve the problem, you also have to change the machine.config.

You also need to change the httpRuntime executionTimeout setting and the maxRequestLength value. You can probably guess the maxRequestLength is the file size

<httpRuntime executionTimeout = “9000” maxRequestLength=”20480″ />

So I also had to change the machine.config in v4.0.30319 folder.  In my previous blog post I changed the v2 machine config and for my CRM 2013 instance I changed the v4 machine config.  The reason for this is this setting is in the .NET version being used by CRM.  In my previous blog I was using CRM 4 which used .NET v2 and in CRM 2013 the .NET version is v4.I changed the value in the CRM web.config but I would still get the error and had to make the change in .NET version machine.config.

I would read my previous blog post because it goes into the topic in more detail


1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG
2. Open machine.config
3. Search for <system.web>
4. Add in <httpRuntime executionTimeout=”9000″ maxRequestLength=”10240″ /> under the <system.web> (I added it right before the end)
5. Save
6. Restart IIS

Final thoughts

You will need to make these changes in other servers in other environments because if you try to import these reports where the changes outlined haven’t been made then an error will be thrown when you import the solution

Some people might be wondering why have I written another post about this error/problem.  The first blog post was for CRM 4 and I found I had to change the Maximum file Size System setting, which I didn’t mention in my previous post.