Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 27th March

Article of the Week

Building multi-tenant web apps talking to CRM
Great post from CRM MVP David Yack

Best of the Rest

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Global Navigation UI Changes

Have a look at the new CRM 2015 navigation changes

Why developers need to be organised and stop wasting time

A Hosk Developer article about why developers should be organised and structured just like the good code they write

no code alerts from Leon Tribe

I like it when bloggers put codeless or no code solution in the title because I know what I’m going

Tip #349: Bulk delete in bulk over multiple entities

You can bulk delete over multiple entities, I never knew that

CRM 2013 – Error using Plugin Profiler – Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk, Version=

Interesting error about debugging using the plugin profiler.  The plugin profiler used to debug must match the CRM dll

the CRM chart guy – Add Key Figures to Dashboards in MS Dynamics CRM

Another great blog from the king of CRM charts

CRM 2015 – Workaround for bug: “managed solution cannot be deleted”

Good article about deleting a managed solution which refused to be deleted

CRM 2015 – Understanding the plugin profiler and a puzzling error

A Hosk article about the plugin profiler

CRM 2015 SDK and the CRM 2013 developer toolkit

Getting the CRM 2015 SDK and CRM 2013 dev toolkit to play nicely.  Hey Microsoft where is the CRM Developer toolkit for CRM 2015, it’s been ages

CRM 2013 – How to change the field label size

The settings for changing field label sizes are hidden in the section!

Tip #351: Tracing for plugins and custom workflow activities

Tracing for CRM online

Using the Configuration Data Migration Tool with non-unique display name values

Scott Durow helps people understand and get round this gotcha

Turbo forms in CRM 2015 – interesting article from CRM MVP Mitch Milam

Great blog post from Mitch about the new turbo forms

Rollup fields

CRM MVP Jukka explains how rollup fields work


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