CRM 2013 – How to change the field label size

I had created some new fields, I put them onto the form and I found I couldn’t see half of the text, GRRRR

resizing labels

This was very annoying, annoying like The most annoying type of airline passenger is 

There must be a way to resize fields

I clicked on the field but couldn’t find anything useful

resizing labels 2

resizing labels 1


Engage Critical thinking

I was sure somewhere you can change this setting.  I was sure I have set the labels to be above the fields.

Thinking critically I thought the next possible place to set fields will be the section and there it was

You Label width for all the fields in a section is held in Display – Width

resizing labels 3

In formatting you can also set the alignment and label position

resizing labels 4


I changed the width to 200 and bam I could see all the text

resizing labels 5