Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 20th March

Article of the week

turn CRM green

The article of the week showcases the new themes which look awesome.

What’s new for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1

An overview of the new functionality coming in CRM 2015 U1 and if you are not sure why shoul read it then read this – Why you should read the What’s new for developers CRM 2015 SDK 

Best of the Rest

The rest of the article are mainly around the new CRM 2015 highlights and functionality

CRM Online (Carina) API Enhancements Highlights

Tip #346: Scheduling daily bulk delete jobs

This is one of those tips which is good to know because you might need it sometime in the future

Hosk CRM DEV Tip – Always filter your queries

Why you should always filter your queries in CRM.

What’s New with CRM Online (Carina) Highlights

Why all developers should be friends with a cardboard developer

Also known as rubber ducking but this is a method to help you resolve your problems yourself without wasting your fellow CRM Developers precious time

A few interesting things I learnt from the many convergence 2015 tweets

The Hosk’s very brief twitter  highlights from convergence 2015

Release history for the CRM SDK

Interesting I have never seen this document before

get ready for the next release CRM 2015 UR 1

A General overview of the new functionality coming your way

Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 SDK assemblies preview (7.1)

You can get the new assemblies quicker if you tick the preview button


CRM MVP Lleon Tribe gives the low down on salesforce using a lemonade stand so everyone can understand

CRM 2015 – resizing the social tab

it is possible to resize the social tab, find out how

CRM 2015 new release has themes

you can change the colour and add a logo

Deploying a CRM2015 solution to CRM2013
Good article on deploying CRM solutions

CRM 2015 roadmap

What changes are coming down the pipe

See what’s new in the CRM2015 Online Update 1 ‘Carina’ SDK

Last Weeks Top CRM Articles

Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 13th March

Useful Hosk Links

Hosk list Of CRM 2013 Tools

A list and review of CRM 2013 tools, this will probably work in CRM 2015 as well

Hosk’s CRM Developer Articles

A collection of my favourite CRM Developer articles I have written

MB2-703 – CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration Certification Information

All the CRM 2013 content to help you pass the exam

HoskWisdom – Hosk Developer Quotes

 Words of Wisdom from the Hosk.  I have written over 900 articles, surely I should have said a few memorable things


A few interesting things I learnt from the many convergence 2015 tweets

The main thing I learnt from convergence is people tweet too much about convergence 🙂 Particularly the CRM MVP from new Zealand – nzCRMguy , who I’m sure broke my twitter feed at one point.  To be fair he did tweet a lot of excellent tweets, it was just rather frustrating to read them a little bit at a time.

I don’t deny this blog post is also part frustration at having to watch convergence 2015 from twitter rather than being their in person, I’m sure if I was there I would be tweeting my head off.

You will probably read a lot about convergence and the new functionality coming in the next CRM 2015 release but here a few things I found  interesting.
The tweets come from
CRM MVP Jukka Niiranen
CRM MVP Mark Smith

CRM 2015 – Themes and branding

My initial thought was woohooo.  Changing the colours and branding is an often requested by customers and the previous way was to change an image file on the server.  This was unsupported (but mostly harmless) change.
One reason changing CRM was useful was customers wanted to distinguish betweeen their different environment e.g. DEV, TEST, PROD.   The branding feature should easily allow this to happen

Most Recently used

Any changes to the CRM 2015 navigation are welcome because it is one of the most difficult and frustrating layouts I use.  It’s hard to find things and difficult to navigate.

Most Recently used looks like a bit like favourites but it is a list of the recent records you clicked on.  This should be useful and speed up navigation

New Nav Bar

Yes the NAV bar has been updated, this looks a lot more user-friendly.  It’s a big improvement because it shows all the options on one screen, so you don’t have to scroll about to try and find the option you want.  Well done to Microsoft to listening to the feedback and improving the CRM 2015 navigation

Solution packaging

I like the sound of packaging data inside a solutoin
Solution + data + import actions

Unmanaged and managed solutions

The order matters and unmanaged customizations can be overwritten by a managed solution in some circumstances.  To be honest I’m not quite sure what this means but what I did think was this doesn’t sound good