CRM 2015 – resizing the social tab

CRM 2015 has social tab which is confusingly labelled conversation tab on the case form.

The social tab is a great spacing saving component because it uses tabs, so you can quickly move between activities, posts and notes.

The social tab works pretty well, allowing the user to quickly view and create activities, posts.

The social tab was initially created in CRM 2013 and people liked it but got frustrated because they couldn’t customize the social pane.  Read about it below

CRM 2013 – The social tab is good but would be better if you could customize it

My personal view is we should be grateful for social pane and view it as a bonus.  It’s one thing to create the social pane it’s a whole different thing to create a configurable social pane because everyone would want it to work differently.

Conversation tab and space

I was this question about the social tab

Any suggestions as to how I can reduce the depth of the Conversations Tab in the case form? I have tried properties, etc.

social tab 3

I am putting the answer here but it wasn’t me who found it but Fritz (a CRM developer)

The solution

This one is odd but the workaround to this is straightforward. The Conversation Tab field is essentially the Notes. What I’ve done to unlock the row layout is:

#1 Delete the existing Conversation Tab:

social tab 1

#2 Inserted the Notes in its place (un-ticked the display label option) and then under the ‘Formatting’ tab there should be now the row layout.

social tab 2





7 thoughts on “CRM 2015 – resizing the social tab

  1. Hss January 25, 2016 / 11:22 am

    I’m on CRM 2015 online – I can’t work out how to re-add the social pane – there’s no Note Entity available, Could you help?


  2. Luc Barendrecht July 7, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Hahahaha I feel lazy now for not trying this myself. Thanks again Hosk! Always quick answers to question yet to invent.


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