Hosk’s Top CRM Articles of the week – 9th March

I was on holiday last week, so I have been catching up on what happened in the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and here are my articles of the week

Article of the week

CRM Code Review Checklist

An excellent list of checks and best practices for your CRM code

How to cope when you are out of your Developer comfort zone

This is one of my own blog posts but I think more people should read

Best of the Rest

xRM Best Practices
Best practices of creating an XRM CRM project, this should keep your project on the right path

When to automatically change fields using Javascript

Be careful when using Javascript to update a field, it can confuse the user

Should you register your plugins in the sandbox

Great blog post looking at the effect of registering your plugin in the sandbox.  I would also recommend reading my post – Understanding plugin sandbox mode

Advanced finds where records don’t exist

Searching for records where a record doesn’t exist is a common problem

Use Calculated fields instead of Javascript in CRM 2015

Calculated fields can be used instead of Javascript but watch out because changes to a calculated field won’t trigger workflows

A list of the CRM build numbers, the question is why doesn’t Microsoft include this as well as the number

Building XRM solutions with standard CRM 2015 functionality

CRM 2015 – Javascript – Execution Context
The execution context has lots of interesting information in it, make sure you know what you can get from it.

proximity searching in CRM

maplytics can allow to search records within a given radius of a location, see how

Book Review: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization Essentials
Review of CRM Customization essentials from CRM MVP Leon Tribe

Integrating Microsoft Social Listening with Dynamics CRM

Critical update planned for Dynamics CRM in April for any Chrome based users


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