CRM 2011 – How to find the location of the SQL Server for your CRM Server

I was trying to import a solution but it was throwing an SQL Server timeout error

I was looking at CRM instance, I had remote desktop rights to the CRM server.

I was getting some SQL problems and I could see the SQL server wasn’t on the CRM Server but where was it.

Unfortunatly my user couldn’t access the Deployment Manager and I didn’t know or have access to a user who did.

So I was in an odd situation of wanting to find the SQL Server for CRM Instance and not knowing what server it was on.

So how could I check where the SQL Server was?


Investigating why my solution was timing out

I searched for CRM 2011 solution import timeout and came right back to my own blog

CRM 2011 – A time-out occurs when you import a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The blog post above is quite a popular one and it has had about 5000 views and still gets 6 a month.


There are a couple of time out settings, the SQL timeout setting which is held in OLEDBTimeout, I had to have a peek in the Registry and the settings in MSCRM




I noticed there was a configdb value and before I go any further DO NOT EDIT THIS VALUE, imagine it’s read only and for information purposes only.


Data Source=COM-UKG-SQL\HOSKORG;Initial Catalog=MSCRM_CONFIG;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=60


Frustratingly my user didn’t have access to the server but it was a way to find out the server name, in times of need.  There probably is an easier way but this has happened to me a few times where I have been trying to work out the location of the SQL Server, even if it’s to point IT support in the right direction


Looking at the Registry fields reminds me of my CRM 4 development days