The Hosk is a Level 8 CRM Wizard Rockstar

Yes, I have finally made it to Level 8 Microsoft Dynamics Community badge.

Check out the text which accompanies this badge

Level 8

I am the 17 person in the Dynamics Community to earn this prestigious badge.

Click the link to see my fellow level 8 badge holders


What are Microsoft Dynamics Badges

If you don’t know what I’m going on about then read my previous blog post on badges

What are Microsoft Dynamics Community Badges and how to get started collecting them


So what benefits do you get for being a level 8

Good question, there are two ways to view it

You get absolutely nothing


You get the respect from your fellow Microsoft Dynamics users because you own a level 8 badge!


hmmmm, when I write it down it doesn’t sound quite as marvelous

It’s more a bonus side effect to posting blogs, answering forum questions and doing other CRM community type things.


Forum questions

I have learnt a lot from answering peoples CRM Forum questions and reading answers from Scott Durowand particulary Aileen Gusni who has written some of the most comprehensive answers to questions I have ever read.

It’s useful when people respond to the same question you have answered with a different solution because one of the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is there is lots of ways to do the same thing.


New Functionality

Answering and reading forum questions is a good way to see how new functionality is being used, what users don’t understand and how it can be used to answer users problems

Common problems

Answering forum questions is a good way to see the common problems with people using CRM 2013


Blog ideas

I sometimes get blog ideas from a good forum post like this

What is CRMUG? Should you join?




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