CRM 2013 Tool Review – Dynamics CRM Organisation Settings Editor

I was getting a timeout error when importing a solution (actually a whole bunch of errors but I won’t go into that now) and I searched the internet for the answer and came right back to my own blog, thanks Marvelous Hosk for writing that blog post

CRM 2011 – A time-out occurs when you import a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The blog and KB article link said I should update the OLEDBTimeout value.  It jogged my memory to try out the The Dynamics CRM Organisation Settings Editor or OrgDBOrgSettings as it is known.

The tool was created by seanmcne who is a CRM Premier Field Engineer on the Dynamics PFE Team (I refer to as the A Team) and he has been working with CRM since 2004 and Microsoft CRM 1.0!!

The first thing I will add this tool has some great simple documentation.

What does it do

I will quote from the codeplex site for the project

This is a utility allowing admins of Dynamics CRM (2011/2013 – online & onPrem) to edit their organization database settings otherwise known as OrgDBOrgSettings

This utility allows you to edit your settings without the use of the command line utility in the KB article documenting “OrgDBOrgSettings.” The utility is written using the CRM SDK as a reference and currently all changes and retrieval of settings are done via the CRM’s OData Endpoint. The utility is provided as a managed webresource that can easily be installed and uninstalled from your CRM environment.

How is it setup

The project is a managed solution and only adds a few files.  You may add it, change the values and remove it

How do I use it

once you have imported the solution, go to solutions, click on the solution

Organization Settings Editor

Then here  click on configuration and this is where you can use the solution to change the DBOrg settings

Below is the screen you will see

What version of CRM

It will work with CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 and I should think it will continue to work with CRM 2015

Why is good

The reason why it is good because it means you can Add/Edit OrgDBOrgSettings without using a command line tool.

A really great piece of functionality is it links to the KBArticle, so you can understand what the change will do and why you might need to do it.

I also think it’s good it doesn’t have its own site map button because it means it just hides itself away.


For those of your sharp-eyed folk you will of course notice the OLEDBTimeout setting isn’t in the database – OrgDBOrgSettings it’s actually in registry of the CRM Server.

My article didn’t help because the timeout was already set to a large number and the web config httpRuntime maxRequestLength had been increased, so it’s back to the drawing board for this error

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How to add your CRM 2013 server name to your hosts file

In your Dev environment/internal CRM environment you will often have big server names


it could be something like this


So then your CRM url is something like this


to make life a bit easier for yourself you can add the computer into your hosts file which will mean you can then use a smaller friendlier name




which would come out like this


first you need to get the ip of the server


type cmd on your start menu

open the command line tool

type ping and the name of the server


this should return the ip address


Now you need to edit the hosts file.  This is a proper old windows file and on Windows 7 I found it here

if you can’t see the hosts file you might need to make some files not hidden, follow this guide
Then edit the hosts file
ip SPACE new server short name
111.22.333.44 HoskDev01
You may need to open and save the record as administrator.  or copy the file to your desktop, change it and copy it back over
now you should be able to access crm using your friendly, shorter name