Hosk Dynamic CRM blog is featured in the top 25 Dynamic CRM sites

I saw this week the Hosk blog was featured on the top 25 Dynamic CRM Sites


It’s a great list of CRM blogs, it’s a good wide selection of writers and most of them are CRM MVP’s, who tend to do very good in depth blog posts.  I would recommend subscribing to all of these blogs.

Another good source of good CRM blogs is the blogs featured in the dynamic community page


I also noticed I am featured as one of the TOP Bloggers.  The list of blogs on the Microsoft Dynamic community page is also a great collection of CRM blogs, a good mixture of technical and non technical.

Hosk’s other blogs

As you are reading this on my blog, you probably know the Hosk blog is great but I thought I would also promote my Other blogs, particularly as I off work today, so I thought I would have a day off blogging about CRM.

You may be wondering why I have created other blogs, the reason for this is I wanted to keep this blog focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Development.  I wanted to keep this blog a technical blog.

Using different blogs means not everyone subscribed to this blog has to read about career related blog posts and the LinkedIn blog focuses on more general topics and not technical

But… you might be interested by some of the content of my other blogs

Hosk Career blog



CRM 2013 interview questions

Career questions emailed to the Hosk (if you have a career question or a CRM question in general – email the Hosk – ben.hosking@gmail.com)

Someone emailed asking me to do a aggregate fetch XML plugin, which sounds like a great idea and something I will get round to soon.

Quick summary guides of features in CRM (business rules, patches etc)

career paths, skills needed, what certifications you should study

All areas


This blog post summarizes what the blog is about


  • Summary information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 features
  • Quick summary guides of features in CRM (business rules, patches etc)
  • Articles on career e.g. LinkedIn Profiles, using LinkedIn,
  • Interview questions and understanding what the interview is asking
  • Career advice, discussing what you should learn for different careers e.g. Developer, Consultant, Solution Architect.
  • Answers to readers questions questions from readers of the blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Careers
  • Thoughts on career paths
  • Ideas on being productive
  • Things to consider when moving jobs/positions


Here are a few sample blog posts

CRM 2013 – Quick Guide to Business Rules

Ask the Hosk – I have passed MB2-703 should I take the equivalent CRM 2011 certification

CRM 2013 Interview Question – What things should you consider when choosing between CRM online or on Premise

Average wages for Dynamics Professionals in CRM 2013 and why you should know them

Hosk’s LinkedIn Blog

Here I post general career advice (networking, interview tips, Microsoft in General).  Below are a selection of LinkedIn blog posts

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

How will Microsoft Social Listening sell?

Are people starting to like Microsoft again?

What is the Microsoft CEO actually saying?

Annoying practices of bad recruitment consultant

Networking will find you your next job

How to make things happen at work