Hosk’s CRM 2015 highlights

Here is a screen shot of the new organizational hierarchy (taken from the excellent top ten feature article)

Microsoft’s naming convention of using years in the product name can be very confusing.

I have often thought this year was 2013 because I talk about CRM 2013 all the time.

The code names are totally forgettable, Vega? They seem to be designed only to add more confusion when I haven’t got a clue what version people are talking about.

Talking about Microsoft, I recently wrote a couple of articles which you may find interesting on LinkedIn

How will Microsoft Social Media sell

Are people beginning to like Microsoft again?


If you want to read the full release guide (I wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I really thought you did) you can find it here

Release Preview Guide


Hosky Highlights of CRM 2015 enhancements

The first piece of good news is the release is for both versions of CRM (online and on-premise).  This is good news for developers/consultants and customers.

Looking at the highlights Microsoft seemed to have really focused on delivering some of the enhancements people have been asking for and I think it’s great Microsoft are listening to the Microsoft Dynamics Community.  I would also say some of the new features are really completing the features they added in CRM 2013.  CRM is always moving onwards and upwards.

I thought I would have a look at the CRM 2015 highlights from a developer/consultant view e.g. how will it effect the solutions we are creating.



Field Level security for out of the box fields

Finally at last, this has been top of the Microsoft Connect enhancments for at least 10 years.  You can now add field level security to standard CRM fields

Business process are improved

There is a new Client API for business process flows,  you will programatically be able to access

Active and enabled processes


Calculated fields

Calculated field (e.g. Doing sums), nice

Rollup fields

 Improved Conditions operators
Queries using the advanced find can often be tricky to write but these new operators should make it a bit easier
Above, AboveOrEqual, UnderOrEqual, Under, Not Under
You can read more about it here
Business rules

Will have support for IF/Else if/else, which means you won’t have to create twice as many business rules as you need

Business rules will also enable you to group them

it says something about setting default values, which would be very useful because this used to be done with Javascript.

Improvements to the business rule editor


Server Side Synchronization Enhancements

They have continued to improve this and you can now sync attachments

Mark some in outlook as private to prevent syncing to CRM

sync appointments and tasks

Organization Hierarchy

You can view the organisation in a tree view, awesome, I have been asked for this by feature by quite a few customers over the year.



You will be able to search different record types, yes a global search

There are lots of other features for you to find out about and you can read lots of other blogs with that information, I just wanted to write about the things I think look really good.

CRM 2015 will no longer work on

SQL Server 2008 R2 (the classic old favourite) and windows server 2008
stops support for IE 8, IE 9, which is quite significant because many companies are very slow and upgrading internet explorer, I’m not sure why
There are lots of other good blogs about the new features but this one was probably the best







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