The new and improved Microsoft Dynamics Community site is launched

new dynamics community site

You may have noticed (or may not have) the Microsoft Dynamics Community site has had a major face lift.  I like the blue (the colour of  Ipswich Town FC football kit), no corporate site would be complete without a picture of an office worker on the phone and look busy.

Here is a link to the new site

but if like me you are more interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM then you want this link

It will bring you to a nice looking page

CRM Homepage

Microsoft have done well to pack a lot of dynamic information into the page, you will see it when you scroll down.

There are forum questions and answers being shown in the middle, on the right you have twitter feed for the hashtag  #msdyncrm (I would maybe add #CRM2013 as well)

On the left of the page you have link to Microsoft Blogs and below that there are community blogs where you will see a link to the trusty Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog, splendid.


So what else has been changed, Microsoft have a great blog post to tell you

Microsoft Dynamics Community Site Enhancements (July 2014 Release)

A quick overview

Redesigned forums

Mobile friendly User Interface

Badges and Leaderboards have been upgraded


If you want to know how things have changed and try to understand the new badges/leaderboard then you should read the release notes


Overall I think they have done a great job and it looks a lot better.


Great improvement to the leaderboards which now have lifetime leaderboards (which almost never change) but also have monthly leaderboards so you can see who has been active over the last couple of months.

The forums have changed and look a lot better and have some clever filtering so you only see suggested answers.  I’m not sure if this is good or bad yet.

5 thoughts on “The new and improved Microsoft Dynamics Community site is launched

  1. Eric Parsons July 18, 2014 / 1:49 pm

    Hi Ben — I’m the Manager for the Microsoft Dynamics Community and wanted to say thanks for the great article! Glad you are liking the new enhancements. And congrats on making it to #10 in the Verified Forum Answers Leaderboard and tying for #9 in the Suggested Forum Answers Leaderboard for June! Your help answering forum questions is much apprecited.

    A couple other quick comments:

    I added #CRM2013 to the CRM Twitter feed — good suggestion.

    Thanks for your feedback about the forum post filtering that defaults to view only suggested answers. We are keeping an eye on this and getting a bit more feedback. We’re really trying to make it easier for people to see the suggested/verified answers without a lot of the “chatter”, but we certainly don’t claim to have that figured out and I’m totally open to making changes. Any other thoughts on this?

    Have you had a chance to view the site on a tablet or phone?

    Thanks! /Eric


    • Hosk July 18, 2014 / 3:04 pm

      Hi Eric

      Firstly great work with the site improvement, it looks great.

      Forum filters. Initially I wasn’t sure I liked them but now it works well. I checked not answered first and then suggested to find all the forum questions which haven’t had a verified answer.

      Personally I quite like seeing all the answers to a forum question because I find forum questions are usually a conversation and by just viewing the suggested answers I don’t always see how the question has progressed. Personally I would like them all on with a filter button to then restrict only the suggested answers but other people might want it work a different way.

      I haven’t had a chance to look at it on my tablet (Nexus 7) but I have been known to browse the forum on my tablet so I will give that a run out sometime in the next few days


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