CRM 2013 Book Review – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Marketing Automation

This blog will review the book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Marketing Automation from packt publishing from the authors Alok Kumar Singh Sandeep Chanda 

It’s 128 pages and as you can guess from the title it’s about Marketing in CRM 2013.

To get an idea of what the books about Here are the chapters titles

Chapter 1: Getting Started with CRM Marketing

Chapter 2: Segmentation with Marketing Lists

Chapter 3: Marketing Campaigns

Chapter 4: Campaign Response and Performance

Chapter 5: Marketing Metrics, Analysis, and Goals

Chapter 6: Enhance CRM Marketing with Marketplace Solutions


Who is the book for

This book is targeted at people who want learn how to create successful market strategies using out of the box CRM marketing functionality and some Marketing Automation solutions such as CoreMotives and ClickDimensions. The book offers a step by step guide to using the marketing functionality inside CRM, it also covers some of the basic marketing concepts and ideas. The book would be useful for beginners to the world of marketing and those who are experienced in marketing but haven’t used CRM before. The book says Who this book is for This book demonstrates the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and the associated marketplace products for practical marketing. It is an excellent guide for marketing managers, business analysts, and CRM functional experts. As such, there are no specific skills needed; however, a prior understanding of the marketing domain and CRM concepts would be useful, along with the ability to use the basics of Microsoft Office.

Chapter 1

This covers a lot of the basic marketing concepts in theory and doesn’t mention CRM at all.  This would suggest it’s a beginners marketing book because most marketer would know these concepts.   In a book so small I’m not really sure you should spend so many pages on theory Close looping Close loop marketing is a practice of capturing and relating the responses to marketing messages in order to measure the effectiveness, constantly optimize the process, and refine your message to improve its relevancy. This, in turn, increases the rate of conversion and ROI. This also involves an inherent close looping between the marketing and sales teams who collaborate to provide a single view of progression from prospect to sale

Chapter 2 – Marketing Lists

We fire up CRM and head straight into one of the most well used parts of the marketing functionality, Marketing lists

  • creating marking lists
  • populating marketing lists
  • managing marketing lists

It goes through all the functionality with screen shots and descriptions, straight forward stuff.

Chapter 3 – Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns has a lot more functionality, so this chapter is quite a bit bigger We will cover the following subtopics in this chapter:

  • Quick campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Creating campaigns
  • Planning campaigns
  • Campaign activities
  • Target lists
  • Sales literature, products, and price lists
  • Executing campaigns
  • Campaign templates
  • Related campaigns
  • Tracking campaign costs

Once again this basic Marketing functionality in CRM and there are lots of blogs on this subject, so far the book is ok but fairly basic in marketing terms. A plus side for the book is it has a lot of screen shots so you won’t find yourself getting lost in CRM  Chapter 4 – Campaign response and performance This chapter covers

  • Capturing a campaign response
  • Managing a campaign response
  • Converting a campaign response to a lead or an opportunity
  • Measuring a campaign response and ROI

Reading this book reminds me of the MOC for application exam because it covers all these areas and once again we are going through the basic CRM marketing functionality. The chapter is well done with lots of screen shots and it’s very functional without much theory.

Chapter 5 – Marketing Metrics, Analysis, and Goals

We will cover the following topics in this chapter:

  • Key marketing metrics
  • Marketing charts
  • Marketing reports
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Goals and Goal Metrics

I found this chapter interesting because I wasn’t sure what kind of things you should be reporting for marketing. The book covers the Lead Funnel, which I found intriguing because I’m not sure I would have associated it with marketing but when you think about it marketing can be responsible for generating leads It covers the out of the box marketing reports, charts and showing these in a dashboards.  It goes into using Goals and setting those up which I thought I was an interesting use of goals.

Chapter 6 – Enhance CRM Marketing with Marketplace Solutions

This chapter covers

  • Marketing automation with ClickDimensions
  • Marketing automation with CoreMotives

This is where things got really interesting because we were stepping outside of the default CRM functionality and into some third party solutions.  I think this is the best chapter and shows some information that is not easily found on the internet or other sources.  This chapter also show the user how to fill in the gaps of the out of the box functionality.


This is really quite a short book and it cost £9.34 for the ebook and £16.99 for the paperback.  I’m not sure it’s great value for money considering the first chapter starts at page 21 and last page (excluding the index) ends at page 122 (out of 128).  The first chapter is also theory. The book was easy to follow and with lots of screen shots it was easy to understand and follow along using CRM.   It does cover some marketing theory but mostly it goes through the out of the box CRM marketing functionality. I would say this book is aimed at people who don’t know much about marketing and what to use CRM for their company’s marketing needs and it does a decent job of covering all the aspects.  My one critiscm would be you could get this information for free on the internet there are many blogs going through the basic CRM marketing functionality. The last chapter shows a bit of something extra going through the Market solutions of CoreMotives and ClickDimensions

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