CRM 2013 – Great Video resource knowledge base

If you a twitterer and use it to find out useful CRM articles then you will have seen lots of tweets from SlowXRM who tweets a lot of great stuff.  It’s interesting to find out his proper name isn’t slowXRM

Christophe Djellal – Paris, France

Recently he asked me if I minded having some of YouTube videos from Hosk CRM Dev

Here is the link to the training resource/knowledge base

slowxrm knowledge base

The reason I am featuring it on my blog is because the information is stored in a great way.  On the left you some main sections and then in the middle you have lots of keywords.

When you click on either a keyword or navigation topic on the left it takes you to another page.  I click on development, then you get a link to more


Chapter 9: Development

Web Resource 4
JavaScript 5
Plugin 7
OData 1
FetchXML 1
Misc (Development) 10

Then I clicked on Plugin and it shows you the videos from youtube, views and likes.

slowxrm dev

SlowXrm has done a great job organizing the videos into logical areas and it’s a great tool to learn parts of CRM and the new functionality.

The only area it could be improved would be to have a search facility.


There is a section where he explains, it was interesting to find a bit more about him

For Those Who know my work in terms of SEO May know That I edited the last video compilations Few Years Devoted to learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With thesis Successes and Become (MCT certified Trainer) Between time, I started to create an ever more comprehensive and happy Especially more dynamic. And I published a knowledge base was web page (and not just a static list on my blog) Which Will Be updated over the water: new happy new listings, redevelopment … At the output of a whole bunch of new features ( SP1 / Spring’14), I propose a first version of this “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base Video”. Obviously I’m always taking all the comments to help me That May Improve the Service offert (almost 700 videos listed today).All this WAS the carried out work to Contribute to the democratization of this technology platform All which I never pulls Especially not me and to pay tribute to all creators happy.1000 times thank you to ’em Both community for sharing, it is Primarily thanks to Them That I have today Some knowledge on the subject (almost 8 years!)
It’s a great resource for CRM videos and a good job.  I recommend having a look at the knowledge base and finding the useful videos

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