CRM Wages in the UK 2013 – Find out How Much You are Worth in 2014

Nigel Frank are one of the larger CRM recruitment agencies in the Dynamics market place.  They do a yearly survey and persuade people to fill in the survey by offering the winner a Surface or some other gadget.

I remember one of my previous employers saying customers only ever replied to questionnaires if there was a chance of winning a gadget.

Nigel Frank sell the data with the tantalizing title

Find out How Much You are Worth

The data is collected fro 17636 Dynamics Professionals in 130 countries and does go into more detail than just salaries so I would recommend downloading the survey results from the link below

The results were taken from Feb 2013 to Dec 2013 and overall we saw an average rise in salary of 2.5% which sounds about level with inflation.

I am going to cherry pick what I think are the most interesting statistics and findings from the report.  The report is based on dynamics prefessionals, 2205 in the uk, a third of them in London, 20 percent in Midlands and East Anglia (that seems a slightly odd two to bunch together)

crm wages 1


Lets start with Juiciest bit first, here are the average wages in 2013 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  I like the way it has been spilt up into Junior, Mid and Senior.

crm wages 4

crm wages 5



33.3% of respondents experienced a pay rise post certification.

So there is a good reason to get studying for the CRM 2013 certifications (check out my page here to help for the MB2-703).  So a bit of study for a 33 percent chance of a pay rise, it’s gotta be worth it.


On the Move

35.4% of global respondents plan to leave their jobs in the next 12 months; 45.1% in the UK.

It seems the fear of recession is receding and people are feeling they can move jobs more freely with almost half the dynamics workers in the UK looking to move in 2014.  I can hear the recruitment consultants licking their lips.

Below is an interesting table, showing you how long Dynamics people had been in their current position.  They don’t hang around long

crm wages 2



On the Bench

39.9% of Partner respondents in the UK spent more than 30% of their time
‘on the bench’ compared with a global average of 27.6%. However, these
same consultants expect to spend less than 25% of their time in 2014 not
working on clients’ sites.

I was suprised that in the UK dynamics workers spend 30% of their time on the bench, this seems like quite a high number.


Working from Home

This report had so many interesting snippets.

22.5% of UK Partner professionals work from home at least 3 days a week.
This compares with the US Partners, 40% of whom work from home a
minimum of 3 days a week. The US is the most progressive country with
respect to working from home, in recognition of the scarcity and wide
geographical spread of talent


Job Searching

So we know there are lots of dynamic workers on the move but how are they finding these new opportunities.    30 percent are personal contacts, so this should be some incentive to get networking in person and in LinkedIn if you want to move jobs.

I was quite surprised that recruitment consultants only contributed 27 percent but this must be bumped up through people using Job Boards because these are usually recruitment consultants posting those positions.

LinkedIn I should think is responsible for people contacting companies directly and I should think this will grow in the future as will companies doing direct recruitment

crm wages 3