CRM MVP Question and Answer – Andre Kristanto Margono

After a week off I am back blogging and it’s Wednesday so it’s time for the CRM MVP Q&A and this weeks guest answerer is Andre Kristanto Margono who is based in Melbourne Australia.  Andre is another one of the newly crowned CRM MVP’s

Here he is




Andre Kristanto holds the Australia record for the most number of Visual Studio 2012 exams in the country

Thanks for Andre for answering my questions, greatly appreciated

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Name, current job title and social media links please

Andre Kristanto Margono

Technical Consultant

What does an average day at work look like

Team discussion, meeting with client(s), analyse project requirements, build the solutions, Sometimes self-paced study


What different roles/Job titles have you had whilst using CRM

Software Developer, Technical Consultant


What job did you did before you starting using CRM

Waiter at a sushi shop


What was the first version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM you worked with and how long have you been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

4.0, since January 2011.


How do you stay up to date with the CRM

Study the training material from PartnerSource. Get hands-on with the system and start working with it. Read CRM community blogs. Study for the latest CRM certification.


How do you find time to contribute to the CRM community whilst doing your job

During commute time from home to office, write blog post/answer questions from forum. Sometimes during weekend when I have nothing to do, write some sample codes/tool.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a successful career in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Don’t be afraid to start something new and never stop learning


What where your first impressions of CRM 2013 and what do you think now.

First impression, cool new UI. Now, the navigation on the new UI sometimes annoying.


What one feature would you add to CRM 2013

Built-in PowerView Reports


Most annoying feature of CRM 2013

The intro lady that keep appearing and the new navigation menu that quite hard to navigate


You favourite 2 CRM blogs (I have filled the first one in for you)

Hosks Dynamic CRM blog – Really helpful when I was transitioning from CRM 4.0 to 2011.

Surviving CRM ( – Jukka Niiranen’s Blog


What year will Microsoft Dynamics CRM have more customers than Sales force

I hope next year (2015)


Are you doing more CRM projects with CRM online?  Do you think it will all be online in the future

At this moment, most of the clients that I’m working with are using on-premise deployment. I reckon until the data-ownership myth has been demystified, on-premise deployment will always be there.


What is the best tool/solution you have used recently

KingswaySoft SSIS connector, XrmToolbox, Ribbon Workbench


What CRM certifications do you have, do you try and keep up to date with CRM certifications

CRM 2011 Customization & Configuration, CRM 2013 Customization & Configuration

Yes, to get the most of the latest updates, certifications will “force” me to learn.


How important is it to have good business analytical skills working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I think it is really important to understand the business needs and translate them into solution.


How useful is it to have programming knowledge to become a good Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional?

I believe it will be beneficial if we know the programming knowledge to understand which “weapon” that will be the most efficient to solve the business requirements. (especially in the selection of javascript, Plugin, Workflow, Business Rules).


What knowledge/experience do you have with software/systems which integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM e.g. (sharepoint, SQL Server, Scribe, Etc)

I have some basic hands-on with SharePoint App Development, SQL Server SSIS & SSRS.


How often do you travel as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional?

So far, I travelled interstate once. Not sure in future.


Can you see yourself not using CRM in your career in the future

Maybe not. But if CRM is no longer important, I might go back to the web development world


What is favourite part of being a CRM MVP

Getting know to the brightest people in the community


What are your hobbies outside of CRM

Playing music, watching movie, cycling


What was the last book you read and what was the last film you watched

Book: Bible.

Film: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Has CRM ever got you in trouble with your partner/family.

I think work in general (not only CRM). I need to stay back late for a couple days due to the deployment


Have you friends ever told you to stop talking/tweeting/blogging about CRM? What does your partner/family member(s) think of CRM

Nope, on the contrary they are quite supportive. My wife is working in a digital marketing company as web developer, so it is quite related with CRM (especially with marketing module in CRM).


Tell me something interesting/unusual about yourself

I got the MVP letter on the 1st of April and I thought it was April Mop day prank.


Who is the first CRM MVP you remember reading/seeing

Andrii Butenko, Leon Tribe, Daniel Cai


Tips for someone who wants to become a CRM MVP

Contribute anything you know to the community, let the golden idea shines, any idea will be beneficial for the CRM community to grow.


Quickfire questions (choose one option and no explanation)


Steve Jobs or Bill Gates


Javascript or .NET


Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox/Safari


Wine/Beer/Soft Drink


Certifications or Use CRM


twerking or tweeting


books or ebooks


save or autosave


OnLine or On Premise


Windows 7/Windows 8/Linux/Mac/Other


work from home or work from office


Miley Cyrus or Billy Ray Cyrus à never heard of them, I only ever heard about Jamie Miley.




Zero Inbox/Overflowing Inbox


Early Bird/Night Owl


Do Today/Do Tomorrow


CRM Developer/CRM Consultant à both


Hot Weather/Cold Weather


Half Full/Half Empty



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