What are Microsoft Dynamics Community Badges and how to get started collecting them

To start with badges lets start with what is the Microsoft  Dynamics Community, I’m guessing most (97.6 percent of you) know what the dynamics community is but for those other 2.4 percent the link below is the dynamics community for CRM.


From here you can access






for all the different Microsoft Dynamics groups (NAV, CRM, GP, AX etc)


I have a quick tour of my badges and leaderboard on the Video below

What are badges

Badges are a way to reward to participation and contribution to the community, this blog from Microsoft does a good job going through the basic information of badges

Rewarding your Community Participation with Badges

What can you get badges for

following users

having a certain number of users follow you

filling in your profile and linking to social media

Asking forum questions

answering forum questions

proposing answers to forum questions

writing blogs


With the badges above, some of them offer a tiered badges e.g you get one badge for answering 3 forum questions, then 25 questions, 50 questions, 75 questions etc.

There are also some special badges like badges for being an MVP, badge for being a forum moderator etc.

You can view all the potential badges you can acquire here



What is the point of badges and why should I care

Good question, glad I asked it for you.  Firstly you don’t really get anything for collecting the badges, except bragging rights over you fellow CRM professional buddies.

According to Microsoft badges allow you to showcase your credibility, I’m not convinced collecting some virtual badges is really showcasing your credibility (I also can’t imagine anyway using the sentance showcasing your credibility in real life).

Badges also allow you to complete with your friends, colleagues and the whole dynamic community, now that sounds a bit more like it.

If you click on any user you can see what badges they have got, which can be interesting

There is also a concept of levels where Microsoft have bundled together a bunch of different level badges which you can get to reach a level.

Community Badges: What Level Are You?


My own personal view is, I really like the concept of badges (although I am not keen on the term badges) it appeals to the gamer in me, where often part of the game is get those achievements and level up.

Like any gamer I felt an urge to collect all the badges and make it onto the leader board.


as you can see I made it onto the two of the high score charts, it’s very difficult to get onto the badges top ten because you also get badges for being an MVP, forum moderator, CRMUG, etc.

I am a bit critical of the leader board because basically it’s hardly ever going to change and will probably be filled up with MVP’s (and me), so you wonder the purpose of it.  I have heard there are changes planned to include a monthly list and view more users (top 100 maybe).  Changes to the leader board would definitely be a good


If you get the levels 3 and 4 and problem solver and trouble shooter levels 4 and 5 all these badges show on your forum answers as you can see on my forum question answer below


If you click on heading badges & experts then you will see a summary the forum questions you have answered and the progress you are making towards certain levels and what you need to get to the next level.


below is my page

badges 1

Finally there is some interesting leaderboards


This page allows you to view the top 10 of various badges, here are some of the top 10 of the Problem solver 5 badge

badges 2


How to get some badges quick

To get some badges quickly, fill out your profile, add a profile picture and link to your various social media offerings, this will get quite a few badges.

Follow some users

get some keyword subscriptions

post some forum questions

answer lots of forum questions

and hey presto you now have lots of badges


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