Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 25th April 2014

First I like to start on a high note with a celebrity thumbs up for surviving another week everyone, give you selves a pat on the back and put your thumb proudly in the air.

Everyone should be more like Chuck, he doesn’t just put one thumb up, he is a two thumbs up man


Article of the Week

It’s not one article this week but four, an amazing Super hero Fiddler 2 tutorial from CRM MVP Scott Durow



Maybe because it has been a four day week and people are getting back into the swing of work slowly after a bit of an Easter break but there wasn’t a great deal of great articles (that I saw) this week.   I would rather this weekly round up only include articles I think are good, so it means the list is a bit small this week


The blog below tells you what CRM versions are supported with IE11

Microsoft Dynamics CRM supportability with Internet Explorer 11


A great list of blogs from Robert P

My Dynamics CRM Blog List


The default setting for workflows is not to record successful workflows, this is a bit of gotcha because CRM 2011 users will think the workflows have run.  The article tells you how to change the setting to turn this back on

Where Did My Dynamics CRM 2013 Workflow Go?


The Hosk has made a static page of all the CRM 2013 Tools he has found and with a description and links to the reviews I have done, very useful

CRM 2013 Tools page


A list of links and resources

10 Resources to Help Dynamics CRM Administrators Succeed


A review of Tanguy’s new tool in the XRMToolbox

CRM 2013 tool – Plugin and Workflow Synchronous events execution order editor


The CRM MVP in the hot seat is Finland’s finest – Jukka Niiranen.  Jukka Chan, Jukka Chan

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Jukka Niiranen



I have read lots of articles about the new CRM 2013 cal list but it doesn’t hurt to look at another one because you need to know this

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Feature list breakdown by Professional, Basic and Essential CAL


A great blog showing you how to fire a workflow when you change stage of a business process flow.  It’s good that there are more articles and blog posts about Business Flow process.

Executing a Workflow Upon Change of Business Process Flow Stage in Dynamics CRM


blog post about automating addresses in CRM 2013

Contact Management II: Addresses in Dynamics CRM


Another video for those Study for their CRM 2013 – MB2-703 – Customization and configuration certification and we are on to the top of business units and Security Profiles.  Come and join me studying for the MB2-703 certification

CRM 2013 — MB2 703 — Business Units and Security Roles 


A look at the beefed up Metadata browser which you can find in the CRM 2013 SDK

CRM 2013 – The Upgraded Metadata Browser


A great step by step guide to installing CRM 2013

 Step by Step: Installing Dynamics CRM 2013 on Windows Server 2012


A video discussing the classic and usually only once made error of adding the CRMAppPool user to CRM.

CRM 2013 errors – Dont add CRMAppPool User as Dynamics CRM User


If you fancy hearing me and sometimes seeing (when the face recognition software wasn’t focusing on the cupboard!!!) watch the Video below



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