back blogging after a week’s rest from the internet

I was off on holiday last week, enjoying the Easter break with a lovely holiday in Skegness in a  cottage with no internet!  Readers of the blog might not have been aware I was off because I had scheduled a few blogs to be published in my absence

It’s funny having no internet, you don’t really miss anything but in some ways you feel a bit odd because you have the habit of checking things like emails and twitter and writing blogs etc.

I would definitely recommend having a week off the internet, it allows you to step back, get out of your routine.  This allows you to refocus and do what you think is important.

If you were also on holiday last week then I would definitely recommend the two question and answers blogs I had set scheduled to publish in my absence, which I have just reread and enjoyed a lot.

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Gustaf Westerlund

How do you become a Rockstar? – Paul Slade Co-Founder of Rockstar 365 tells us

I also read a forum question last night where a user was a bit confused/frustrating with CRM 2013 bugs and where to report them

I will summarise the post but he said he was frustrated that when he raised any bugs in Microsoft Connect they informed him he should raise bugs by going through Microsoft Support.  The downside to this is raising bugs through Microsoft support is a slow process because they are busy and you have to present them with evidence it’s a general bug and the problem isn’t due to some customization which has been added.

This is true because at the moment Microsoft Connect can only be used to raise enhancements.  I believe the reason for this is there are quite a few CRM 2013 bugs at the moment because there was a big change to the CRM UI.

I have heard the advice that as a best practice it’s best to keep one rollup behind the current rollup, this is just in case Microsoft add in a bug into the rollup.  In some ways CRM 2013 is a little bit similar, there are a few teething issues which Microsoft are working on and fixing.  If you look in the bugs fixed in the first two CRM 2013 rollups there are a lot.


The way forward is to

  • Log bugs with Microsoft, they will fix them and the whole community will benefit
  • Look at the rollups and see what issues are fixed in those and see if they resolve any problems you are having.  This is particularly important if you haven’t applied any rollups to your CRM 2013 instance yet.  I would advise some caution about applying a rollup as soon as it’s released, there are a lot of fixes going into rollups and potential new bugs might sneak in (they get fixed quickly but you may have a few days/week of problems)
  • look on the internet for work arounds, if you are experiencing a problem, someone else probably has and has created a solution to it, whilst they wait for Microsoft to fix it.
  • Don’t forget to log enhancements in Microsoft Connect, it’s a slow process but if you have a good idea then it can get a lot of support and added to CRM