Hosk’s Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development Youtube channel is up and shuffling along

I have decided to create a separate CRM Development channel and it’s up and running , so all aboard and hope on the Hosky Development Bus.  I wouldn’t get too excited yet because there isn’t anything useful on the channel yet, one video of me roughly and rather too quickly saying what the channel is going to be about and another of me mucking up trying to do that in my slippers!

Hosk dev channel

To be honest this is just me practicing and getting my head round the process and the technology and taking a few baby steps in the right direction.  I will start with the more useful video’s next week and I hope you will join me.   Before you throw you hands up in the air and shout “what’s this?, this isn’t CRM Development Hosk you big fat liar”.  Please remember someone asked about me doing this on Monday, someone else on Tuesday, I created the LinkedIn group (please join up) on Tuesday, the YouTube channel on Wednesday and have been investigating software and webcams since then.

I would also suggest it will take me a few videos to get better at the process, for some reason as soon as the webcam starts you feel a plonker, thoughts change from coherent logic to random unrelated thoughts and at the moment my speech goes faster and squeaker!  But remember it’s not where you are but where you are going and I will improve with regular videos.

On a positive note I have been greatly encouraged by the comments made by people and the appetite people seem to have for a CRM development channel, this if nothing else will encourage me to produce some hopefully useful video’s.

So the channel is here


youtube also create a google plus page


google plus page

Here are the video’s, you should get some idea that this channel is going to be Informal and often done in slippers

I thought I would add this video because it made me laugh and it’s always good to laugh on a Friday


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