Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 MVP Panel Chat

CRM MVP’s Donna Edwards, Alex Fagundes, Chris Cognetta, David Berry, Richard Knudson and Scott Sewell took some time out from preparing for Convergence 2014 to run a CRM Panel chat about the new features of CRM 2013, it was run as a live google chat where you could ask questions but they have also put it up on youtube.

This is a really good chat with some CRM experts.

They go through their favourite features in CRM 2013, which prompted me to go and research what custom actions where in CRM 2013.

A good question from a user was

What are the major pain points in upgrading from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013.  Dave Berry talks about the difficulties around the area of JQuery.

We plan to discuss Deployment, Security, Teams, Business Process Flows, Business Rules, Configuration and Customization, Server -Side Sync and other areas of CRM 2013 that we’ve had the opportunity to use.  We hope you come away with some great tips and tricks to help you along your way.

one good piece of advice was to only apply the rollup just before the next rollup is about to be released, this way you will avoid any bugs which sometimes get introduced in rollups.

They talk about access teams.

Whilst watching this one I also found a chat they did in 2013 called –

Dynamics CRM MVP Developer Chat

if you want even more MVP chat there are a couple more from 2013 from MS

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