CRM 2013 – Video – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Business Process Overview

I am still trying to learn about the new features in CRM 2013, so I thought I am going to try and watch a youtube video each week on some of the new features.

Business Process seems like a great enhancement for CRM 2013 but also one that can be confusing because of the way the data maps between the entities involved.

So I need all the help I can get understanding it, especially when I think of the projects I have worked on and wonder how this would fit in.

When I watch the video its feels like a powerful tool and can really streamline the process.

The first video is a quick 10 minute video from Microsoft which is half slides and half demo.

The second video is a lot more in depth and is 50 minutes.  If you want to view the CRM demo go to 17 minutes