CRM Rocks – A CRM Podcast

Recently CRM MVP’s Gustaf Westerlund tweeted a link to an interview he did and it was a link to the blog CRM Rocks which is a CRM talk show.

So firstly here is the link to the site –


it is run by Markus Erlandsson

The interviews are quiet in depth and often are 50 minutes long and Markus asks some interesting questions.  He has already done some really good interviews so I thought I would give him deserved publicity and encourage people interested in CRM to have a listen.  Markus has interviewed 5 CRM MVP’s about certain aspects of CRM 2013

I have just finished listening to the Leon Tribe and it was very interesting, especially if like me you don’t know much about Salesforce around the world and in Sweden and Australia.

Below are the links to other interviews Markus has done.  So pick one that looks interesting, have a listen and give Marcus a tweet or two.

Tool support in Dynamics CRM

featuring CRM MVP Gustaf Westerlund

CRM 2013 User Interface changes

featuring CRM MVP Jukka Niiranen

Mobile CRM

featuring Ivan Stano

JavaScript in Dynamics CRM

Featuring CRM MVP Mitch Milam

Community Resources

Featuring CRM MVP Donna Edwards

Dynamics CRM vs

Featuring CRM MVP Leon Tribe

if you want to subscribe to CRM Rocks then the feed is below