CRM 2013 – security role upgrade error – New Forms insufficient permissions

I have seen this error pop up a few times on the CRM Forums and thought I would add here on the blog just to help publicise the problem and thankfully the solution

The solution was posted on the CRM forum by Scott Durow a CRM MVP who often swoops into forum posts to provide the answer when no one else seems to know the solution.  It’s been very interesting answer questions on the CRM forum because I have learnt a fair bit on CRM 2013 but trying to replicate the problems but I have also learnt a lot from the answers to forum posts given by the CRM MVP’s.

I recommend follow Scotts blog and twitter feed

So this was the forum post – Update and Insufficient Permissions


We just went through the CRM update last night and some of our members can not access the system due to ‘Insufficient Permissions’?  What is the issue causing this and what is needed to correct it to allow them access?  Thanks!

Scott’s reply was

It sounds like a known issue with custom security roles where you must add additional access after the upgrade. Compare your custom roles with the out of the box roles to find what is missing – see…/crm-2013-new-forms-insufficient-permissions

 The link Scott posted goes through in detail how to resolve this problem.  I have pasted a little bit but I recommend you go to the page to see the full blog post.  Basically the problem occurs if you use custom security roles, when you upgrade to CRM 2013, these security roles won’t have been granted access to the new features where as the default security roles will have.

If you use custom security roles as your only security roles in CRM 2011 then you may run into this permissions issue when you upgrade to CRM 2013 and use the new 2013 Account and Contact forms:

It is a nice generic error with no log file attached or available for download.

The fast solution is to give that user one of the default CRM roles like Salesperson

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